Survey Says: Being a Top Gear presenter is a UK man’s dream job

Top Gear UK

Pretty much any car enthusiast has Top Gear listed as one of their favorite TV shows because quite simply, what’s cooler than just fooling around with a bunch of fast and expensive cars, or asked to do the impossible with old jalopies and getting paid and famous while doing it?

That’s why’s latest poll should be no surprise. About 1,356 men in the UK were asked what their dream job was to get a better idea of what the UK population’s male career preferences are. And the results are no surprise. A Top Gear presenter rings in at first in a list of the top ten dream jobs wanted by males in the UK.

“It’s quite interesting to see that Top Gear presenter has beaten professional sportsman to take first place for men’s dream job,” said the company’s chairman Mark Pearson. “However, when you think about the injuries and amount of training that goes into being a professional sportsman, compared with a life of driving and testing cars, it doesn’t seem all that surprising!”

To see the full list, check it out after the jump.

1. Top Gear presenter (29%)
2. Video games tester (25%)
3. Professional sportsman (24%)
4. Actor (21%)
5. Formula 1 driver (19%)
6. Fireman (17%)
7. Stockbroker (16%)
8. Pilot (14%)
9. Spy (12%)
10. Inventor (11%)

– By: Chris Chin

Source: Metro