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Trailer Tailgate Lift Assist Springs - One Pair (2) for Sale - emgCarTech

Trailer Tailgate Lift Assist Springs - One Pair (2) For Sale

Trailer Tailgate Lift Assist  Springs - One Pair (2)

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Trailer Tailgate Lift Assist Springs - One Pair (2) :

This spring is custom engineered to assist tailgate opening/dropping so it doesn't slam on the floor when open. And can help reduce the weight of a heavy tailgate by as much as 90% when lowering/lifting it! It will definitely help save your back.

Why is this spring better than other similar springs out there? Because it's specificially designed for this purpose and with extra holding power when the tailgate is in the upright (close) position. The spring legs are formed to 90 degrees so it will give you more holding power. Which essentially acting like preloading it to provide that little extra holding power.

YouTube (diy trailer ramp assist spring) and there will be lots of videos on how to install these springs on various trailer tailgates..

The images taken with pop bottle and pencil are for showing the size of these springs compared to a regular 24oz pop bottle and a normal pencil.


  • This listing is for TWO (2) springs (Left-Hand). We only offer LH springs because it's easier to install multiple springs when you don't have to worry about making a left-hand and a right-hand mounting brackets.
  • Wire diameter - 0.331"
  • Carbon steel
  • Inside diameter - 1-3/4" (use 1-1/2" maximum rod diameter)
  • Outside diameter - 2-3/8"
  • Body length - 5-5/8" (requires 6" opening when fully tensioned)
  • Leg length - 4"
  • Torque - 600in-lbs each - with combined force of 1,200in-lbs for two springs.

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