Tesla Ludicrous Performance Large Rear Drive Unit For Sale

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Tesla Ludicrous Performance Large Rear Drive Unit :

Description:Drive units removed from Tesla Model S and Model X vehicles with less than 25,000 Miles. Each drive unit houses an AC induction propulsion 3-Phase/4-Pole motor that can spin up to 16,000 RPM in large drive units and 18,000 RPM in low power and front drive units. The housing also includes the controller w/ Inverter and differential. Each drive unit comes with our own Stealth EV Controller Board replacement that allows for CANbus communication with any BMS, VCU, Hall Throttle, and switchgear. Wi-Fi access also comes standard for “in the field” or “on the fly” controller adjustments, no longer requiring USB connectivity or proprietary equipment. Product Family:We supply a variety of solutions Including 3 variations of “rear mounted” drive units and 1 “front mounted” drive unit. Power output can vary from 220 kW (300 Hp) up to 475 kW (645 Hp) depending on your needs.The Stealth EV Tesla Drive Units handle the pre-charge system and main contactors directly from the controller, no external vehicle control unit required! Throttle pedal and brake pressure transducer link directly to the drive unit with NO CAN input required. Just hook up high voltage, throttle, brake, and pre-charge/contactor box and drive!Specs:Out of Model S & X Performance modelsWeight: 132 kg (290.4 lbs)Max Speed: 16,000 RPM Transmission: 9.73:1 Voltage Range: 200-420 Volts DCMax Current: 1400 Amps DCMax Power: 475 kW (645 Hp) Max Torque: 650 Nm (480 lb-ft) Output Power(12 Min.): 160 kW (215 Hp)Continuous Power: 45 kW (61 Hp)Max Regenerative Braking: 140 kW (500 Amps, 200 Nm)Environmental:Max Coolant Temp.: 85℃ (185℉)Max Coolant Pressure: 1.31Bar (19 PSI)Min. Coolant Pressure: .345 Bar (5 PSI)Stealth EV Drive Unit Features:Smart device interface No software limitations Multiple adjustable parameters allowing different settings, depending on use. Driver swap, each with their own set up, driver profiles are swappable between multiple cars at the touch of a button. Live system monitoring Remote shutdown for motorsport use Supports a range of throttles Supports a range of gear selectors Adjustable regen Launch power adjustment As much or as little power from 0 RPM Multiple in-car display options

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