Tesla Ludicrous Large Rear Drive Unit - Plug and Play Kit For Conversions For Sale

Tesla Ludicrous Large Rear Drive Unit - Plug and Play Kit For Conversions

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Tesla Ludicrous Large Rear Drive Unit - Plug and Play Kit For Conversions:

This listing is for a Tesla Ludicrous large rear drive unit kit geared towards the conversion market. This kit contains everything you need to run a Tesla drive unit on your 200-405V traction battery pack. The Stealth EV Tesla Drive Units handle the pre-charge system and main contactors directly from the controller. Throttle pedal and brake pressure transducer link directly to the drive unit with NO CAN communication input required. Just hook up high voltage, throttle, brake, pre-charge and main contactor. Hit the road!
Stealth EV Tesla Drive Unit packages are designed to make your EV conversion as easy as possible, including a controller that allows you to program power output while retaining the ability to protect against overheating and other damaging conditions.
The kit comes with a plug-and-play pre-labeled wiring harness for everything from the start button to the throttle pedal to the brake lights. You can see a full list of all the included components below.
With this kit, the Stealth EV Tesla Drive Unit is Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capable, and has an app that can be used to interface with it using either an iPad. This gives you access to the Tesla inverter drive modes, power settings, datalogging and other controls. The app allows you to change settings like max power, and regen levels on the fly. The unit’s firmware can be updated over the air when new features are added. It also includes data logging functionality and fault code readout capabilities.
Kits can be supplied with a complete drop-in Tesla rear suspension cradle for an additional cost.
  • Description:

    • Drive units are removed from Tesla Model S and Model X vehicles with less than 25,000 Miles. Each drive unit houses an AC induction propulsion 3-Phase/4-Pole motor that can spin up to 16,000 RPM in large drive units and 18,000 RPM in small front and rear drive units found on our other items. The drive unit housing also includes the controller with Inverter and differential. Wi-Fi access also comes standard for “in the field” or “on the fly” controller adjustments, no longer requiring USB connectivity or proprietary equipment.

  • Product Family:

    • We supply a variety of solutions Including 3 variations of “rear mounted” drive units and 1 “front mounted” drive unit. Power output can vary from 220 kW (300 Hp) up to 475 kW (645 Hp) depending on your requirements.

  • Specs:

    • Weight: 132 kg (290.4 lbs)

    • Max Speed: 16,000 RPM

    • Transmission: 9.73:1

    • Voltage Range: 200-420 Volts DC

    • Max Current: 1400 Amps DC

    • Max Power: 475 kW (645 Hp)

    • Max Torque: 650 Nm (480 lb-ft)

    • Output Power(12 Min.): 160 kW (215 Hp)

    • Continuous Power: 45 kW (61 Hp)

    • Max Regenerative Braking: 140 kW (500 Amps, 200 Nm)

  • Environmental:

    • Max Coolant Temp.: 85℃ (185℉)

    • Max Coolant Pressure: 1.31Bar (19 PSI)

    • Min. Coolant Pressure: .345 Bar (5 PSI)

  • Kit Contents:

    • Tesla Drive Unit

    • WiFi and Bluetooth Enabled Drive Unit Controller

    • Dual Channel Throttle Pedal (With Plugs & Pins)

    • Brake Pressure Transducer (With Plugs & Pins)

    • Forward/Reverse Switch

    • Start Switch

    • Cruise Control Switch

    • GV200 HV Main Contactor

    • HV Traction Pack Fuse & Holder

    • Pre-Charge Resistor

    • Pre-Charge Relay

    • Pre-Charge Fuse (5A) & USM1 Fuse Holder

    • HV Cables For The Drive Unit (2' Length)

    • 2psi Coolant Pressure Switch Kit With Inline Barb Fitting

    • Tesla Water Pump (With Plugs & Pins)

    • New Axle Seals

    • Oil Changed (Shipped Full)

    • Labeled 16' Main Wiring Harness

IMPORTANT NOTE: Each drive unit kit is assembled to best suit each customer's needs. For this reason, the lead time on these kits is 2-4 weeks. Please contact us with any questions you may have before purchasing the kit.

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