Spare wheel/tire for 2022 Lucid Air *NEW* For Sale

Spare wheel/tire for 2022 Lucid Air  *NEW*

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Spare wheel/tire for 2022 Lucid Air *NEW*:

Spare Wheel/Tiremade to fityour2022 LUCID AIR *BRAND NEW*

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Tire Size



Max psi

Max Load

Speed Rating


26.9” x 5.7”

55 lbs.

42 psi

55 mph


3 Ton Car Jack Suitable for any vehicle: sedan, coupe, SUV, MPV, hatchback, crossover, wagon and more. A convenient carry bag is included for storage.

Product type: Scissor Jack with Ratchet Wrench
Maximum load capacity:3.0T (6,614 lbs.)
Minimum lifting height: Approx. 4.1"
Maximum lifting height:Approx. 3"
Jack dimensions: 9 x 3” 8 x 3.8"
Jack weight net: 7.3 lbs.
Telescoping Wrench length Range:360-500mm
2 x Drive Head Size:17/19mm and 21/23mm

We guarantee the EZ Spare alloy wheel is the safest and highest quality spare wheel on the market today.

Our EZ Spare wheel with the space saver tire was designed by an experienced European wheel engineer in 2012 when many OEM vehicle Manufacturers discontinued equipping cars with spares. The EZ Spare has been used in over 600,000 flat tire-no spare installations since 2013 by Roadside Assistance Service Operators. The alloy wheel is much lighter than its steel donut tire style counterparts. Our spare wheel meets all the standard OEM specifications for wheel safety and have passed stringent road safety tests in the US and in Germany by TUV, the gold standard of test companies in the world. BMW and other German OEM’s use TUV for all their wheel safety and performance testing prior to releasing a new wheel. Our space saver tire is DOT approved and this dynamic combination will ensure you get safely to your destination after you experience a flat tire and install the EZ Spare.

Our wheels are designed to fit your vehicle based on the OEM’s standard rolling diameter for your vehicle, we have matched it up to the recommended size tire listed. We have many satisfiedcustomers of the EZ Spare that now have the insurance they need to feel safe in the event of a flat tire.

We also offer an optionaltire changing kit that contains all the necessary tools to change a flat tire. Our kit contains a 3 ton car jack suitable for any vehicle: sedan, coupe, SUV, MPV, hatchback, crossover, wagon and more. A convenient carry bag is included for storage.

The EZ Spare mission is to protect and provide safety for vehicle owners who have no spare wheel and tire.


A limited lifetime warranty up to3 years on the structure of the wheel with conditional usage. The tire warranty guarantees the tire is free from manufacturer defects and faultyworkmanship, and EZ Spare Wheel LLC warranties the space saver tire for up to 2500 miles. Tires used for temporary use applications are excluded from mileage warranties by all manufacturers. Specific warranty details are located on the warranty section of this website.

**We do not guarantee that our wheel will fit in your car's provided spare wheel location. The spare wheel location varies in shape and size for each specific car trim, so we recommendchecking wheel dimensions and consider where you would store the wheel before ordering***

We do not give refunds based on the wheel not fitting in your particular trunk or wheel well size, our 10-day money back guarantee only applies to the spare wheel fitting on your vehicle’s wheel hub.

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