Rolls Royce RB199 34R-04C Panavia Tornado gasturbine For Sale

Rolls Royce RB199 34R-04C Panavia Tornado gasturbine

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Rolls Royce RB199 34R-04C Panavia Tornado gasturbine :

Currently up for sale one Used RB199 panavia Tornado jet bomber gasturbine with afterburner all complete in great condition and harness but excluding the ECU engine computer needs.

Like the pictures showing the engine is complete on the original engine wheel stand ready to go for serval ground use projects or as training engine for universities and service stations.

These engines are very rare and hard to get in this condition with nearly all components being complete owned by a commercial traderand ready to run with right proper knowledge.

The engines hot section is made from one crystal alloys all outer casings the complete cold section made from Vakuum poured 90-6-4 titanium wich means this engine weights les more than a ton with the latest technology is using on building gasturbines.

What you see on the pictures and read at the description is exactly what you are getting.

Terms & Conditions:

* The Buyer Must Pay in 7 Days.

* Buyer MUST inspect & determine serviceability of all aircraft parts priorto use on any aircraft.

* Seller is not responsible for any misuse.

* All items are SOLD AS IS where is with No warranty expressed or implied.

* All sales are final with NO RETURN.

* Ask all of your questions before making any purchase. Otherwise, buyer assumes

the responsibility and risk.

Sold as is, no returns will be accepted.Buyer is responsible for serviceability.

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