Mercedes-benz sprinter 2500 4x4 For Sale

Mercedes-benz sprinter 2500 4x4

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Mercedes-benz sprinter 2500 4x4:

Mercedes-Benz sprinter 2500 4x4. Toy hauler!
Guppy Ⅵ. Is a Bran new not yet registered. 2020 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter V6, 4x4. Short wheelbase high roof van with most of the extras for driver and passenger comfort and safety. .
Yes! You can have it all!
It's a toy hauler.
It's a comuting van.
It's a hard working work van/truck.
It's a vacation camper.
It's a socker mum's van on steroids. (the van is on steroids not Mum)
It's a cross-country voyager
It's ready to "bug-out" whenever the need arises.
It's not too big.
It's not too small.
It's the Goldilocks of all van.
And It's just a nice economical van to drive.

Still under construction..I am design making it for myself.This is #6. (I spent 68 days in the last van to Alaska and back. I know what I wasted time making! And what I have planned for this one) I take the time and plan every step. I add the little extra.. But, if someone sees it as their dream come true well then I will start myself another.  Or if you have the dream, but not the time, tools, room or ability. Let me do it for you.

Everything is totally isolated from the original van. Everything in the back is quick and easily removable (6 bolts and 2 tiedowns, 2 quick connect water hoses ) this leave the total stock van wall to wall floor space empty. The kitchen unit is completely and self contained. It wheels out to my patio beside the bar-b-q. when I am home

Here is the List of major  components fitted :
Auxiliary 270 Amp altinator.
2x100 amp/hr  lifepo4 batterys
4kva inverter charger.
3kw  heater.
25 gallon auxiliary fuel tank.

72"x80" double/twin bed.
44 gallon Fresh water tank.
2 1/2 gallon electric hot water tank.
10 gallon grey water tank.
2 gallon P tank.
Hot and cold pressure water.
Outside hot shower.
Induction stove..
Convection  & rotisserie oven.
12/110v refrigerator.
SS kitchen sink and bench.
2 1/2 butcher's block chopping board.

It's designed to be a toy hauler that convert to a camper or Comuter or a work truck. In less than 30 minutes. Everything except the electrical, and auxiliary fuel tank can be removed and it's ready to go to work or Play.
It's primary mindset is "its a toy hauler"
The beds fold up one or both and gives you a 48" x 120"x72" void for motorcycle, dirt bikes, 4 wheeler, jetski or a thousand other toys for all other activities. ,  and total load up to 2000 lbs of inside and outside storage space. Plus there are 3 hard points on the back for bike racks, scooter, wood/tool  boxes or spare tires, water /fuel/gas tanks or a carry-all up to 500lb of whatever you think you might need. .. If you need more fun it has a toe hitch rated to haul a 5000 lbs trailer. I think you should be able to have enough fun now?. You got about 1000 mile range, can prepare a decent meal, have a hot shower get a good night's sleep. And get ready to do it all again tomorrow. with all of you this much room.  "they say that you can't have too much fun, but you sure can try!" ..
As stated this is still a few weeks away. Waiting for the windows ect..
More information as I progress!

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