Mercedes SLS AMG Twin Turbo Kit by BlackBoost For Sale

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Mercedes SLS AMG Twin Turbo Kit by BlackBoost:

we are offering our SLS AMG TwinTurbo Kit (+1.000whp) here which we took off from our project car. Unfortunately due to a mechanical failure we lost our engine and are not able anymore to continue. on the oil pump a solenoid valve got stuck and didnt give enough oil anymore which caused a compled engine failure. its a case to happen 1 out 1.000.000 times and unfortunately it hit us on a project we have been working for the past 18 months.Im attaching here photos of the kit and a list of which parts are included. As well as dyno graphs. If you have questions and are interested in feel free to contact me.Professional workshop required for the installation, small custom jobs have to be done. Tuning with Syvecs a workshop that has an understanding for it is required or if decided to work on the OEM ECU with a tuner that is able to do a custom software job for it.Price: 29.000USD shipped world wide.SLS AMG Twin Turbo Kit2 x exhaust manifold with external wastegates by Tial incl. downpipes and exhaust systemexhaust manifold consists on each bank 5 EGT bungs (1 EGT pre turbo 4 on each exhaust port)10 x K-Type EGT Thermocoupler2 x Precision 6264 Turbochargersintake manifold incl. 4 fuel rails and 16 injectors8 x injector dynamics 1300X2 as primary injectors8 x stock SLS AMG injectors as secondary injectors1 x CNC Custom Billet Flywheel for high performance outputintake systemair 2 air intercooler incl. all charge pipes with 2 Tial Blow Off Valvesfuel pump upgrade (lpfp)3 x AMG fuel pump controller3 x AMG brushless fuel pumps1 x Syvecs S6Plus incl. ECU1 x Syvecs S7Plus incl. ECU1 x Syvecs X10 expander (brand new)1 x Syvecs X4 (brand new)incl. Plug and Play wiring

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