Level 2 EV Charger 32A 110V 28ft Charging Station Swipe Card/Plug-in Charing For Sale

Level 2 EV Charger 32A 110V 28ft Charging Station Swipe Card/Plug-in Charing

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Level 2 EV Charger 32A 110V 28ft Charging Station Swipe Card/Plug-in Charing:

Attention please:
1.For the first installation, attention should be paid to the power cable according to IN-L (fire), IN-N (zero), PE (ground) one by one,
and the fire wire and zero wire cannot be reversed.PE (ground wire) needs to be grounded reliably.
2.The support 2 charging ways,one is plug and charging and another one isswiping card for charging.3.MRCARTOOL provide 2 year warranty.If you lose the card,please contact us,we will resend a new card to you.S310 EV Charger Functions &Features:
Suitable for All EV Models
Fast Charging
32A level 1 EV charger ,the car can be fully charged in 7 hours on average and it can last for 45km for average charging per hour.
Smart Swipe Charging
Designed with a swipe card control switch , which is convenient and
effective in preventing people from stealing charging.
The upgraded IP65 waterproof rating of the control box and EV connector makes the it can continue to work on rainy days.28FT (8.5m)Cable Length
This cable features strong and dur able, which length is perfectly
suitable for all kinds of parking lots ( garages ),especially for home use.
Input voltage: 110V
Input frequency: 60Hz
Safe Design
1.Over voltage protection
2.Under voltage protection
3.Overload protection
4.Short circuit protection
5.Earth leakage protection
6.Grounding protection
7.Over temperature protection
8.Low temperature protection
9.Lightning protection
Keep you well-informed on the working status of the charging
stations (piles), effectively protecting the equipment and the vehicle.
Shell Material:Galvanized steel body, Temperedglass panel
Dimension:180 x 80 x 240 mm
Installation Methods:Wall-mount \ Column installation
Cable length:8.5m/28 feet
Indicator Light:Blue, green, purple and red
Input Voltage: US 110V
Input Frequency: US 60Hz
Maximum Power:7KW
Output Voltage:US 110V
Output Current:32A
Standby Power Consumption:6W
Applicable Scene:Indoor/outdoor
Working Temperature:-30℃ ~ +55℃
Working Humidity:5% ~ 95% without condensation
Working Altitude:<2000m
Protection Level:IP65
Cooling Method:Natural cooling
Standards main unit
1x power back board
8x tubes
1xuser manual

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