LAUNCH X431 PRO3S 12V 24V Cars Truck Diagnostic Scanner ECU OIL, IMMO, BMS RESET For Sale

LAUNCH X431 PRO3S 12V 24V Cars Truck Diagnostic Scanner ECU OIL, IMMO, BMS RESET

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LAUNCH X431 PRO3S 12V 24V Cars Truck Diagnostic Scanner ECU OIL, IMMO, BMS RESET:

Item specifics Condition:New Supported System:ENG, RESET, GEARBOX, OIL, IMMO, BMS, Full System, 24V TRUCKS, ABS, DPF, EPB, SAS, SRS, TPMS OBD Interface:CAN, EOBD, OBD, OBDII Connectivity:WiFi,Bluetooth,OBDII Cable Connectors more Car:12v&24v Passenger&Heavy Duty&Commercial 20000+ Features:Data Record and Replay, AutoVIN, response, Reset Service, Backlit Display, Built-In Battery, Check Engine Light Shut Off, Color Display, Erases Codes, Freeze Frame Displays, Internet Updateable, LCD Display, Multi-Language Interface, User Friendly Supported Car Brands:For Free Adapters and Cables:Almost 12v&24v Heavy Duty Trucks Adapters and Cables Incloded Manufacturer Part Number:LAUNCH X431 PRO3 S+ HDIII Vehicle Type:Heavy Duty/Commercial, Passenger Vehicle Accessories:Adapter Cable, Carrying Case, USB Cable, User Guide software update:1 Year FREE Update(The old version is always free) Advantage 1:Actuation Test,ONLINE ECU Coding,Adaption,Initialization Advantage 2:All Systems(ENG\AT\SRS\ABS\SAS\IC.etc.) +35Reset Functions Advantage 3:IMMO&Keys Programming,Free FCA Account,ADAS TPMS Advantage 4:One-Click identify VIN,Guided Function,AutoAuth For FCA,SGW Display:10.1 inch CPU:Qualcomm Snapdragon 450, 8-core 1.8GHz ROM:32GBCan up to 128GB RAM:3GB Battery:7000mAh rechargeable polymer lithium battery Brand:LAUNCH Wi-Fi:802.11a/b/g/n/ac (2.4GHz / 5GHz) Camera:Front-facing 5.0mp Camera + Rear-facing 8.0mp Camera Material:100% Brand new Similar Model:MK908,MK808,MS908 PRO,MP808BT,MS906BT Elite Similar Model 1:THINKCAR TOOS PRO PROS PROS+ PADIIV PADIII Similar Model 2:X431 V PRO PADV ,MK908P,MS908S,PAD VII Warranty:5 Year UPC:632096289320
LAUNCH X431 PRO3S 12V+24V Cars Truck offerirectional Diagnostic Scanner ECU Coding

2022 New arrival LAUNCH X431 PRO3S+HDIII 12VCar & 24V heavy Truck

Full System Diagnosis tool,31+ Reset functions , remote diagnosis ,ECU ONLINE CODING,Bi-directional Control,12 in 1 data stream ,5 Years warranty ,Multi Languages Supported + Global Version(Can be used in worldwide)+32GB Storage(Can be extended to 128GB)

**100% Original and Brand New fromLAUNCH X-431 PRO3S+ HDIII

**Free AutoAuth forFCA SGW,it's the best in LAUNCH

**Upgraded Functions of LAUNCH X431 V+/PRO/TURBO, Same Functions as LAUNCH X431 TORQUE/THROTTLE

Note: !!!NEW FUNCTION of LAUNCH X431 PRO3S+ PRO3+HDIII released RECENTLY: (LAUNCH X431 PRO3S+ Maintain the frequency of monthly updates)

1. For 2017 and later FCA Vehicles with Secure Gateway Module (SGW)

Register with AutoAuth to enable your LAUNCH PRO3S+ tablet to communicate with the FCA SGW Authentication System and bypass the SGM, so as to perform diagnostics and bi-directionals without using a bypass cable.(The Americas are now free, no need to pay additional FCA account costs.)

2. For BENZ

√Optimized ADAS (Advanced Driving Assistance System) function for SSLink products.

√Optimized the function of Query VIN for police equipment.

√Updated DPF function(Regeneration of the diesel particulate filter while driving) of diesel engine (CRR1, CRD2, CR43, CR6, CR6EU5, CR6BIN5EU6) under 117, 212, 207, 204 and more chassis.


√Added the special function of Camera Calibration for Land Rover models in the year range of 2010 to 2014

√Added special functions related with ADAS (Advanced Driving Assistance System) for all models of Jaguar and Land Rover in the year range of 2017 to 2020.

4.The guide functionof X431 PRO3S+ is free, but Launch x431 V pro needs to be used for a fee

【Key reasons to buy LAUNCH X431 PROS3+HDIII 】

🏆【2022 NEWEST LAUNCH FIRST Advanced Scan Tool Compatible With 12V And 24V Vehicles】Design for Passenger&Commercial Vehicles 2in1:The 1st ALL-IN-ONE scanner from LAUNCH ,work for engine/construction machinery/ /pick-up/etc.

📝【Online Functions +Flash Hidden Features】this diagnostic tool helps you pass-thru the gateway to access the data for coding.(Last update:Free AutoAuth for FCA SGW ,it's the best in LAUNCH.for 2017 and later Mercedes,Chrysler,Dodge,Jeep,Alfa Romeo and Fiat).Guided Function (for V.A.G) ,step by step to guid you to diagnosis.Make full use of hidden features or disable car’s annoying functions.Offline Coding.Modification for BMW, VW,etc👍it is designed for any professional mechanics and independent repair time and effort on repairs.

🚗【Over 31 Service Reset Functions + Bi-Directional + ECU Coding + Adaptation + Intialization + Matching】LAUNCH X431 PRO3S+ HDIII can send commands to the system/component to test their working status for Active Test. Beside,this scan tool can also support ECU Coding, Key programming, Adaptation, Matching, 31+ reset service functions like SAS/EPB/TPMS/DPF/IMMO/Oil/Brake/GEARBOX Reset, ABS Bleed, Injector coding, etc... Powerful dealership level Functions can fully meet your needs.

👍【2022 BEST Advanced Hardware & All Systems Diagnosis】LAUNCH X431 PRO3S+ HDIII automotive scanner equipped with Android 9.0 operating system, 10.1-inch HD IPS(1920*1200) touchscreen, 7000mAh rechargeable battery (up to 12+ hours battery life), 3+32G memory(support 128G Expand memory). Support All systems Diagnostic including ENG, AT, ECM, TCM, ABS, SRS, BCM, IMMO, BMS, TPMS, SAS, Fuel System, Light System and A/C system,more.

🚒【Wider Vehicle Coverage of 12V & 24V Vehicles + 24 Languages】LAUNCH X431 PRO3S+ HDIII automotive scanner is ALL-IN-ONE Scan Tool for 12V cars and 24V Heavy-duty trucks which provide the most extensive multi-brand coverage and comprehensive diagnostics for you. Passenger vehicles:Cars, SUV, MPV, Pickup truck; Commercial vehicles:Heavy Duty Truck, Passenger Bus, Excavator, Tractor, Recreational Vehicle. 24 Language: style="line-height: 1.2;">
🔥【User Friendly, Easy To Use】LAUNCH X431 PRO3S+ HDIII supports One-Click Auto VIN Detect, One-Click WiFi Update, One-Click Generate Graph. In addition, this LAUNCH scan tool also support remote diagnostic, diagnostic response and respond, Live data graphing, data Stream record and playback, Generate Health Report (Share & Print). Bring you a more convenient and comfortable experience to a large extent.

【ALL Systems Diagnostics】

LAUNCH X431 PRO3S+ HDIII support read/clear DTCs, read live data stream and perform active test and services functions for ALL modules of cars&Trucks including Engine system/SRS system/Retarder system/Transmission system/CAB Climate system/Unit Pump system/Electronical control system/Tail gas after-treatment system/Body system/ABS(anti-lock brake system)/Instrument System/Brake control system/Suspension system/Common Rail System/Natural gas system...etc.

【Basics+High Diagnostic Functions】

The diagnostic scanner X431 PRO3S+ HDIII enables you toCODING,Actuation Functions.And it can also perform read/clear DTCs,view live data,Read vehicle ECU information.

1. ECU Coding:

The Coding function is used to re-flash the vehicle control modules, it allows you to reprogram adaptive datafor certain components after making repairs or replacements, providing ways for the issues of Drivability, Fuel Efficiency,Power Loss, Fault Codes, Durability of Mechanical Parts.Ford,GM,vvv,BENZ, Audi, VW, Porsche, Kia, Hyundai,etc.(coding highlyconfigured hide function)

For Heavy duty Trucks: Cylinder cut-out test/compression test/injector volume commands/injector programming/SCR commands/rail high pressure test/SCR catalyst regen/Cylinder balance test/DPF regen/VGT calibrations/SCR commands/Aftertreatment reset/Parameter changing/glow relay activation check/reset the DPF filter,etc.(vary by car model,year)

2. Bi-directional Control(Actuation Test):

requests a module to perform a specific test and function.(Turn on and offactuatorsto determine whether there are problems with sensors and actuators).This function can be use in ENGINE SYSTEM /STEERING ANGLE SYSTEM / DASHBOARD SYSTEM / EMISSION SYSTEM...etc.(depends on the specific car models, not for all cars)

3. Matching:

This function matches and synchronizes the components with each module after you replace the module,such as:Gearbox Matching / Air Suspension Matching / Seat Matching / Head light Fitting / Door and Window Initialization Study / SunroofInitialization / Injector Calibration / Multimedia Video Reset / Cluster Reset / Immobilizer Service / Tire Change Reset...etc

(depends on specific car models, not for all cars)

4.Key FOB Programming:

If you lost one key of car, LAUNCH X431 PRO3S+ HDIII can help you add a new one , but you need to get the PIN# of your car before you copy a key. NOTE: diagun v can not reprogram.

5. 30+ Service Functions:

LAUNCH X431 PRO3S+ HDIII provides you with free service functions(OIL RESET, INJECTOR, BRAKE RESET, SAS RESET, BAT RESET, ABS BLEEDING, ELEC.THROTTLE RLRN, TPMS RESET, DPF REG, DEAR LEARN, IMMO,ETC.), Gives you the ability to use dealership level relearn procedures to complete repairs or maintenance. And the equipment has more advanced special functions can be purchased in the mall.

Note: ECU Coding and Key FOB Programming are not universally compatible with all vehicles! Send us VIN number to check compatibility.

【Covering 99.99% Vehicles & Adapters for most trucks and OBDI】

LAUNCH X431 PRO3S+ HDIII scan tool works on ECU of 12V&24V vehicle models covering American, Asian, European, Malaysia, India car brands up to 150 car brands, 20000 car models.We also gave away dozens of free transfer wires for trucks and OBDI models.You can start diagnosing your vehicle as soon as you receive the product!

If you are not sure whether your car supports it, please send me VIN number or model year and I will help you to confirm.

【NEW OPTIONAL FUNCTIONS -option functions】According to your work needs, with extension accessories, all-in-one Scan Tool, more business!

【One Key Update & 1(ONE) Years Free Update】

LAUNCH X431 PRO3S+ HDIII comes with 1 years free software updates which are updated frequently to improve its capability and coverage continuously. When the FREE 1 year updates period expire, you can still use all functions of the auto diagnostic scanner without any issues. However, updates do improve its capabilities and performances over time.

【LAUNCH X431 PRO3S+ HDIII Pro Other Highlights】

>1--One-Click Generate Health Report&Print

This diagnostic tool can automatically generate a diagnostic report when diagnostic work is successfully finished. These can be emailed to the office or directly to the customer.The diagnostic report can better show your professionalism and help you improve your business

>2--Data Stream record/playback and Live Data Graphing IN 1 Screen

Data Stream is so important is to enable the vehicle technician to examine the relationships between the various sensors, actuators and calculated values. This is critical for intermittent fault finding and for vehicle problems . X431 PRO3S+ HDIII did a good job. Live data graphs quantity in the same time - up to 12 on the screen

>4--View History

Once a vehicle diagnosis is performed, X431 PRO3S+ HDIII will record the every detail of the diagnostic process. The History function provides quick access to the tested vehicles and users can resume from the last operation, without the necessity of starting from scratch


No need to get the VIN from the plate that's near the windshield and manually input the code. LAUNCH X431 PRO3S+ HDIII can automatically read the vehicle information after a successful data link connection.

>6--Regular Software Updates:

We will continue to update the diagnostic software, and you can directly download the latest version of the software via WIFI. Model model, special function, ECU CODING,Actuation style="line-height: 1.1; text-align: left;">Don’t worry if your device can’t keep up with the time

>7--Accurate ADAS Calibration functions

Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) is an electronic component in a vehicle, including various safety functions of the vehicle, such as automatic emergency braking (AEB), lane departure warning (LDW),lane keeping assist, blind spot elimination, night vision camera and Adaptive lighting. (NOTE: Need to be purchased separately)

【Technical Parameters】

Operating system :Android 9.0

Memory :3GB

Storage :32GB

Screen :10.1 inch FHD IPS capacitive touch screen with a resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixels

Camera :Front-facing 5.0MP camera + rear-facing 8.0MP camera

Connectivity :Wi-Fi (802.11a/b/g/n/ac)

Bluetooth : Working temperature 0℃ ~ 50℃

Storage temperature :-20℃ ~ 70℃

VCI module Working voltage :DC 9 ~36V

Power consumption :≤ 3W

Communication :Via Bluetooth/Wi-Fi or USB connection

Working temperature :0 to 50℃

【X431 PRO3S+ HDIII Software List】

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