Ford Boss 429 "T" Engine, Bell Housing & Transmission, Including Many NOS Parts For Sale

Ford Boss 429

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Ford Boss 429 "T" Engine, Bell Housing & Transmission, Including Many NOS Parts:

Boss 429 Engine & Trans. Assembly, "T" Engine W/Bell Housing, Clutch & Pressure. Plate. Condition is Used.
The engine is currently in running condition with my original heads and intake. These will be replaced upon completion of the sale so that the buyer will have original, unmodified factory heads and intake.This engine was assembled in 2003 to replace the original engine until it could be rebuilt. It has less than 100 miles on it. The current camshaft is a Lunatti mechanical cam but will be changed at owner’s discretion to either an original C9AZ-6250-A hydraulic cam with original lifters or an NOS (unused) D0AZ-6250-D mechanical cam with NOS lifters. The engine was assembled using new .010” under main and rod bearings. The crankshaft was an original unit that was reground for the .010” under bearings. It was fully cleaned, deburred and polished. All crankpin plugs were removed and replaced prior to assembly. The rods were original and reconditioned on the crankpin end and bushed on the wrist pin end for full floating wrist pins. The pistons were original. Piston rings andwrist pins were new. The rotating group was precision balanced prior to assembly.
Components that are not being supplied willbe the air cleaner assembly, snout and hoses, throttle cable, oil breathers, fittings and hoses, alternator and brackets, power steering pump and brackets and hoses, thermactor pump and components, brackets and hoses and related drive belts, ignition coil, motor and transmission mounts, transmission shifter and shifter mounting plate.

It has my original heads and intake manifold on it, which will be replaced by another pair of good used original heads (C9AE-A casting numbers) and intake manifold that are unmodified and in excellent condition (My heads and intake have been modified from stock).

Exhaust manifolds are used Ford, not REPO’s.

The block is an “A” Series Block with a 9M1R (Dec. 1, 1969 Rebuilt) date code. THERE IS NO SERIAL NUMBER ON THE BLOCK.

The valve train including lifters (if solid), rocker arms and intake valves are NOS. The new components in the valve train are the valve springs, valve stem seals and valve keepers. The used valve train components are the pushrods, exhaust valves, valve spring retainers and valve spring seats.

The rocker covers are original and both have C9AE-6582-B casting numbers with 4.1.69 date codes and are in excellent condition.

The distributor is a used C9ZF-12127-D with a 9D10 date code. It has new Motorcraft points, condenser and rotor. The distributor has an Autolite cap that is a REPO.

The carburetor is a Holley 4647, Ford Part Number D0OF-9510-S with a 2888 date code (recently rebuilt 3/20).It comes complete with an NOS throttle valve bracket and spring.

The oil filter adapter is an original used unit (C9AE-6884-A casting number) with original brass fittings for the oil cooler.

The fuel pump is a Carter 4842-S with a 13C9A date code (March 13, 1969, A Shift). It was recently rebuilt 9/18.

The water lines for the heater are original.

The intake manifold heating tubes are original.

The oil pump is original. The suction screen was NOS.

The oil pan is original andis in excellent shape.

The timing cover and thermostat housing are original. The temperature sending unit for engine vacuum control is an original with an unknowndate code.

The timing chain and sprockets are true roller and will be changed at the buyer’s discretion for original NOS Ford timing chain and sprockets.

The fuel pump eccentric is an NOS original.

The water pump is a C8SE with an unknown date code. It was rebuilt prior to engine assembly.

The Vibration Damper is a C9AX NASCAR version that was rebuilt by Damper Dudes.

The timing pointer is an original.

The Engine Lifting Eyes are original with NOS fasteners.

The motor mounts were new from Ford (C9LA-6038-A & C9LA-6038-B).

The bell housing was a used component with an unknown date code.

The flexplate is an original used component. The access cover is a REPO.

The starter is an original with a C9AF-11001-A with an 8J20 date code (Sept. 20, 1968).

The flywheel was obtained new from Ford.

The clutch and pressure plate were NOS and the throw-out bearing was new.

The clutch fork, C8AA-7515-A, was used.

The clutch fork boot was NOS.

The transmission is an RUG-AE2 and was rebuilt prior to assembly. It has an unknown date code and reference serial number.
Please allow 15-30 days after completion of this sale to allow units to be properly packaged for delivery.
If the buyer cannot pick up this item, then arrangements will be made for shipment to buyer'slocation.
The engine and bell housing assembly will be shipped on a 4' x 4' skid, weighing 1200 lbs. estimated. Final weight and shipping costs will be determined at the time of shipping initiation from the point of origin to the final destination.
The transmission will be shipped separately on a smaller skid weighting 200 lbs. estimated. Again final weight and shipping costs will be determined from the point of origin to the final destination.
The shipments will be fully insured.
Now you can get that engine you've always wanted for that special Boss 429 you are building. This engine has many great original parts with all the proper date codes.

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