Detroit Diesel 8V92 Turbo or Natural Marine Rebuild For Sale

Detroit Diesel 8V92 Turbo or Natural Marine Rebuild

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Detroit Diesel 8V92 Turbo or Natural Marine Rebuild:


Gold Engine Reman – Detroit Diesel 53, 71, 92 Series – All Models

This Listing is for Rebuild of your Marine 8V92 Detroit Diesel Engine. If you do not have a complete core to be rebuilt, we can provide one for you for an additional $8-10,000 depending on model desired. Services Included:


  • ¨Complete engine tear-down

  • ¨Engine block: Tank and magnaflux

  • ¨Engine Block: Align hone cylinders if necessary.

  • ¨Engine Block: Resurface deck if required.

  • ¨Cylinders: Installation of all new cylinder liners, pistons, rings, and liner seals.

  • ¨Precision check of liner deck height and replacement of liner insert shims.

  • ¨Heads: Hot Tank and magnaflux;resurface as needed; Replace if casting damaged/unusable

  • ¨Heads: All new valves, seals, cam followers, injector cups; pressure test to ensure proper seal of combustion chamber. Guides, seats, and springs replaced if worn out of spec.

  • ¨Replace injector crossover tubes

  • ¨Replace rocker assembly components if worn.

  • ¨Injectors: Rebuild all injectors, volume test, and match

  • ¨Rack adjustment (valve lash and injector timing)

  • ¨Crankshaft: Magnaflux crankshaft ; grind if required; Reinstall with new bearings and seals

  • ¨Replace harmonic balancer

  • ¨Connecting Rods: Magnaflux and replace if unserviceable

  • ¨Inspect PTO Assembly and repair any damaged/worn components

  • ¨Replace Coolant pump

  • ¨New thermostats

  • ¨New cooling system hoses

  • ¨Cooling System pressure test

  • ¨Replace all belts

  • ¨Replace Fuel Pump

  • ¨Rebuild Blower & bypass valves

  • ¨Replace Cam bearings

  • ¨Regrind Camshaft if worn out of spec

  • ¨Heat Exchanger: Clean, acid bath, and pressure test

  • ¨Oil Cooler: Clean and pressure test

  • ¨Aftercooler: Clean and pressure test

  • ¨Rebuild Governor

  • ¨Rebuild Oil Pump

  • ¨Remanufacture the Turbo if required (priced separately – not included in base price)

  • ¨Paint with high-temp engine enamel

  • ¨Replace all stopcocks with bronze

  • ¨New oil filter and fuel filter

  • ¨Fill with break-in oil

  • ¨Fill with engine coolant

  • ¨Test run with dynamometer and take readings.

  • ¨Six month Full Parts and Labor Warranty on all serviced components.


¨Repair/Replacement of items “inspected” above unless replacement is expressly stated.

¨Repair/Replacement of cracked block, heads, or crankshaft.

¨Repair/Replacement of peripheral components such as oil cooler, heat exchanger, intercooler, fuel cooler, or after-cooler.

¨Replacement of missing parts.

¨Replacement of components with unusual wear, corrosion, or damage that are not listed above.

¨Helicoil repair of stripped threads.Repair of broken/crackedcastings.

¨Removal/Reassembly of transmission/marine gear


§ 30% Deposit required.Balance due prior to delivery in certified funds.

§Additional fees apply to engines that have been submerged, exposed to the elements, disassembled, or subjected to physical damage.

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