Charging Complex DC ev 240 kW electric vehicle charger CHAdeMO CCS Type 2/1 For Sale

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Charging Complex DC ev 240 kW electric vehicle charger CHAdeMO CCS Type 2/1 :

1pc.Type 1 J1772240V80А/up to 19kW*1pc.Type 2 Mennekes240V/380V63А/до 45 kW*1pc.CCS Type 1550V300A/up to 120kW*1pc.CCS Type 2550V300A/up to 120kW*1pc.CHAdeMO550V300A/up to 120kW*Optional+1 CCS Type1 / Type2or+ AC J1772 / Mennekes (plug or socket)Mount:FloorDimensions:2076 x 1059 x 469 mmCase: Powder-coated metalCable length: starting from 6.5 mDisplay:Two-line display. LED backlight Supports ASCIIOptional: 17 "LCD screenStation type: Online/OfflineOptional:+1 CCS Combo1 or Combo2 +€500+ AC J1772/Mennekes connector or Mennekes plug +€250Power splitter:AC - AC includedAC - DC includedDC - DC includedSupports OCPP protocols:1,5 SOAP & JSON1,6 SOAP & JSON;Authorization methods:RFID cards (Mifare standard), memory capaciy – up to 1200 cards/ Mobile Application/WebsiteOptional:Phone call to 24/7 Call Center /AE Chip ID Tag by car’s VIN / Payment TerminalBank Card Payment Terminal:We recommend using the Ingenico iUC180/iUC180B smart terminalIt supports: Visa, MasterСard, American Express, Apple Pay, Google payProtection:The Charging Equipment has a controller-based solution with electronic RCD (30 mA 3-phase)IP65 EnclosureIK10 Protection against mechanical impactsOperating Temperature: Between -50°C and + 50°CThe charging station is made in Ukraine.Warranty in Europe: 24 monthsInternal components are made in Europe, USA, Ukraine, South KoreaInstallationThe charging station is installed by the clientCharger is installed by a service teamAvailable socketsMennekes, CCS, CHAdeMOJ1772, Mennekes, CCS Combo 1/2, CHAdeMOCharger capacityCCS - 90kWCHAdeMO - 90kWMennekes - 22kWCCS Combo 1/2 – 270 kWCHAdeMO – 270 kWMennekes – 45 kWJ1772 – 19 kWProtection degreeIP 54IP 65/IK 10Additional brandingAt Extra CostAvailableAdditional space for adsAt Extra CostAvailableConnector reservation-AvailableAmenities available for booking in app (e.g. hotel room, restaurant table, etc.)-AvailableBillingAt Extra CostAvailableRemote ControlAt Extra CostAvailable for freeRemote diagnosticsAt Extra CostAvailable for free24/7 worldwide customer supportAt Extra CostAvailable for freeOffline connection (local list)At Extra CostAvailable for freeOver-the-Air firmware updateAt Extra CostAvailable for freeLoad managementAt Extra CostAvailable for freeRemote protocol updateAt Extra CostAvailable for freeOnline analyticsAt Extra CostAvailable for freeMobile Applications(iOS, Android), Web-site-Available for freePrice€50 000€35 000

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