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Centrifuge Flight Motion Simulator - Fully Immersive - State of the Art Gaming:

Astronaut, Pilot, Civilian Tourist Space Training & Experiences Centrifuge Flight Simulators Civilian Medical Review, Testing and Training Immersive Virtual Reality Interactive in Real Time Adaptable, Modular, Client Specific and Custom Configurable - Spatial Disorientation Trainer - Simulator - Motion Sickness Simulator - Training - Pilot-Crew-Passenger Sensory & Situational Awareness - Video Gaming with REAL "G" - Aerospace Medicine Pilot and Aircrew laboratory - Human Factors Biomedical Testing Reviews - Physiology studies - reviews - profiles - Psychological Evaluation of Space Experiences - Sight and Motion with Real Sustained G-Forces Illusion capabilities - Pilot Leans, Loss of pilot control, Dark takeoff, Graveyard spin, Graveyard spiral, Black hole and Sub threshold movements - Interactive Pilot Controlled Simulator - Pitch (142°) Roll(180°) and Yaw Controlled by Pilot or System - Large Screen to achieve Immersive Environment - Ten (10) Pods (holds 20 Pilots/Crew or 10 Individuals) - Sustained G=s for Dynamic Flight or Racing Simulator - Forty-eight (48') feet in Diameter(up to 18 rpm) - Command Control Computer with SGI & VME System and UPS - Ethernet of Silicone Graphics, VME Systems, Controls Civilian Training Center Research and Reviews Two systems - USD $9,875,000* (*Inclusive of an additional USD $500,000 in spare parts) Dii Aerospace Laboratories Dear Review Person, Does NOT have a category for Flight Simulators, therefore we have been FORCED to list in a category with at least some sense of "similar" which is Avionics - at such time as creates a Proper Category - we will be glad to move this listing - Thank You

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