Brembo CCM-R GT BBK 6pot Rear for 2000-2004 360 Modena / 2005-09 F430 2L9.9001A5 For Sale

Brembo CCM-R GT BBK 6pot Rear for 2000-2004 360 Modena / 2005-09 F430 2L9.9001A5

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Brembo CCM-R GT BBK 6pot Rear for 2000-2004 360 Modena / 2005-09 F430 2L9.9001A5:

  Brembo CCM-R GT BBK 6pot Rear for 2000-2004 360 Modena / 2005-09 F430 2L9.9001A5

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Part Number: 2L9.9001A5

Kit Placement: Rear

Calipers: 6-Piston

Calipers Color: Yellow

Rotor Size: 380x34 CCM-R

Rotor Type: Cross Drilled

Rotor Style: CCM-R



    Start Year End Year Make Model Sub Model Cylinders Liters Fuel FuelDel Aspiration Engine Notes (If Applicable) 2000 2005 Ferrari 360 MODENA ALL ALL ALL ALL ALL ALL 2004 2005 Ferrari 360 CHALLENGE ALL ALL ALL ALL ALL ALL w/ CCM Brakes Requires Iron Hand Brake
Stradale Model 2005 2009 Ferrari F430 BASE
SPIDER ALL ALL ALL ALL ALL ALL Excl CCM Brakes 2005 2009 Ferrari F430 BASE
SPIDER ALL ALL ALL ALL ALL ALL w/ CCM Brakes Requires Iron Hand Brake
Excl Challenge Model  


  • Left and Right Calipers
  • Left and Right Discs (Rotors)
  • Goodridge Brake Lines
  • Caliper Mounting Brackets and Hardware
  • Brake Pads
  • Installation Instructions


    • Many of the Gran Turismo (GT) Systems require modification to, and/or complete remove of the OEM dust shield and/or backing plate

    • Not all Brembo GT BBKs will fit with factory wheels or factory sized-wheels.  Some Brembo kits require larger-than-OEM wheels depending on size.  Exact specifications necessary vary per vehicle and per kit.  Please contact us via the system for a caliper clearance worksheet before you buy if you need to be certain these brakes will fit your setup.

    • Brembo GT Systems are designed for vehicles at original ride height.  Increased ride height is not compatible with the brake lines included in this system.

    • All Brembo GT kits are "built to order".  Street FX purchases directly from Race Technologies, the only distribution channel for Brembo North America.  We ship directly from Race Technologies in California to your door (for our USA customers).  Race Tech typically keeps every component on their shelves, and they assemble it after you pay.  Typical assembly time is 3-4 business days.  So understand that normally this kit will take a few days to ship after you pay.





    Quick Release Pad Retaining System: Incorporates anti-rattle feature (pictured) to eliminate noise and is designed for quick and easy pad changes.  

      All Brembo caliper mounting brackets are specifically designed to be application specific. They are precision milled from superior quality billet materials to ensure a precise fit and meet the strength requirements of high performance driving conditions.


    Part numbers are clearly laser etched along with an unique serial number (S/N) for each part. 

    Pictured, are a few examples of axial and radial mount bracket designs.


      By manufacturing the center section out, a great deal of weight can be saved in this key location. This reduces both unsprung and rotating weight which benefits handling, acceleration overall vehicle dynamics.

    Brembo's properitary floating hardware system permits a specific amount of radial and axial float which allows the disc to grow independent from the bell, averting thermal distortion when subjected to extreme temperatures.


    A Mass: The area located in the outer ring of the disc (shown in orange), dictates thermal capacity. This consists of annulus, width, diameter, air gap, and vane design. B Annulus: The area between two concentric circles. This dimension directly correlates to the friction surface area of the brake pad. C Disc Width: The overall thickness of the disc. Calipers are designed for a specific width. D Air Gap: The area located between the rotor plates surface is airgap. The amount of airgap is a crucial factor in channeling airflow. E Vane Design: Exclusive venting system that improves cooling capacity which increases resistance to brake fade.

    Brake systems are designed to operate best within a prescribed temperature range. While modern high performance friction materials broaden this temperature range, it is critical that the brake disc in a system has adequate thermal capacity.

    Thermal capacity, or heat storage capacity, is determined by how much weight or mass is located in the outer ring section of the disc. This is the area where the friction surface of the disc meets the internal vanes (orange colored area in the diagram shown). The more mass located in this area, the more thermal capacity a disc has.



        We can offer this kit to you with any custom color calipers you want! The price to match any paint code is an additional $250 per kit.



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