Audi RS4 / RS5 / RS6 4G / RS7 / R8 / S8 Ceramic brake, 420/370mm discs For Sale

Audi RS4 / RS5 / RS6 4G / RS7 / R8 / S8 Ceramic brake, 420/370mm discs

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Audi RS4 / RS5 / RS6 4G / RS7 / R8 / S8 Ceramic brake, 420/370mm discs:

I offer here a complete Audi 420/370mm Ceramic brake.Fit for RS6/RS7 and A6/S6 4G + A7/S7 and many otherAudi´s S4, RS4, S5, RS5, S8 4H etc.(not all Plug & Play!)
Condition see photos, no damages on the discsYou will also find this brake system on .de (germany)for lower prices and comparison part numbers from the Kit:
4970EUR -- 4G0615301H/J/RCeramic disc front left (center verion 2020)4970EUR -- 4G0615302E/J/NCeramicdisc front right(center verion 2020)4437EUR -- 4G0615601B/C/DCeramicdisc rear left(center verion 2020)4437EUR -- 4G0615602A/C/DCeramicdisc rear right(center verion 2020)
1487EUR -- 4G/H0615107C/Ecaliper front left (4H mod to 4G)1487EUR -- 4G/H0615108C/Ecaliper front right(4H mod to 4G)874EUR -- 4G0615403B/E caliper rear left(4H or 4G possible)874EUR -- 4G0615404B/Ecaliper rear right(4H or 4G possible)
665EUR -- 4H0698151C front pads (comfort pads)396EUR -- 4H0698451F rear pads(comfort pads)254EUR -- 4G0615425 rear brake adapter left(4H or 4G possible)254EUR -- 4G0615426 ear brake adapter right(4H or 4G possible)----------25105EUR
Front and rear calipers will be delivered with wear indicators andall the small parts you see on the photos.
brake is removed from low mile new car.Several kits in Stock, if you need Detail Photos please contact.depending on the vehicle you get different caliper and adapters, calipers can be repainted.
before buying please askif the Brake fits on your car.
I prefer pick and cash, parts are in germany.
Worldwide Shipping and Payment by Paypal or bank transfer is possible butask before buying for is a Private sale, so you can not return this itdem!
Shipping risk have the buyer!I can send highly insured, but the Buyer has to pay more costs!Teilenummern für die

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