Aston Martin AY93-7002-AA 6 speed transaxle gearbox for One-77 For Sale

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Aston Martin AY93-7002-AA 6 speed transaxle gearbox for One-77 :

For sale is an Aston Martin Six speed transaxle gearbox (Gearbox and differential in one unit) for the Aston Martin One-77.This unit has been completely checked and overhauled (with warranty) and is in excellent condition. This gearbox is similar (almost the same) as the Vantage V12 transmission like the following part no's:AD23-7002-AA AD23-7002-AB AD23-7002-ACHowever, this is THE original transmission to the One-77 (google the part number AY93-7002-AA).This gearbox is compatible with the manual and the sport shift Vantage (one-77 only came as sportshift).Originally we bought this One-77 gearbox to install in our Twin Turbo V8 Vantage, however we custom adjusted another V12 transmission for this car so we are not in need of this One-77 box anymore. This is your one in a lifetime opportunity to own either a spare transmission for your One-77 if you are one of those 77 lucky owners worldwide or if you are one of the other 7,447,501,066 people on the world not owning a One-77 Aston Martin car, just own a transmission to this exclusive car and use it for a custom project. I have seen various Graziano transmissions (of this type that is widely used in the Aston Martin cars) go bad (especially differential problems), so if you own a One-77 and drive it regularly this might be a very good investment for the future. Aston Martin will charge you in the order of 50k (fifty thousand) dollar excluding tax and excluding install. For any questions please contact me through contact seller.We are shipping the item from the Netherlands. We ship worldwide. Happy offerding,Arnout v.d. KampSuprasport The Netherlands

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