750 HP, Nitrous sprayed, 416ci LS3 Engine. Complete with Serpentine System & Hol For Sale

750 HP, Nitrous sprayed, 416ci LS3 Engine. Complete with Serpentine System & Hol

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750 HP, Nitrous sprayed, 416ci LS3 Engine. Complete with Serpentine System & Hol:

Different elements of cutting edge technology have come together in this 416 cubic inch, aluminum LS3 to create incredible performance, reliability, durability.

The Holley HP EFI system manages both the fuel and nitrous oxide delivery. A Nitrous Outlet puck in the base of the plenum delivers a HIDDEN shot of DRY NITROUS. The EFI system is set to only deliver N2O if the system is armed and sensors indicate wide open throttle at >3,000 RPM. System safeguards keep the engine protected in the event of loss of fuel or N2O. This combination of these two systems provides a huge jump in power when you want it. It also corrects all the reliability and durability concerns that have historically been associated with N2O.

The engine being offered uses a GM LS3 block (aluminum). It is rated at 600HP on motor and 750HP on a 100 shot.  A hydraulic roller set-up eliminates the maintenance and survivability issues of mechanical lifters. The reliability and durability are further enhanced by our use of quality after-market components many of which are have been finished machined prior to assembly at our state-of-the-art engine shop.  What's inside?  Callies Compstar crank and rods with Diamond pistons.  Sitting on top is a set of CNC ported L92 heads that we have touched up on our Newen Contour CNC and reassembled with Manley valves.

GM typically hides their LS engines under plastic cover. Why? We think its because they are unattractive. Most of our customers like to show off what's under their hood rather than hide it. Our signature coil relocation brackets and billet valve covers show off our LS builds. Our custom billet serpentine systems are not only gorgeous, they too are top of the line performers. This one has AC, PS and what for us is our standard level 225 amp alternator. How many expensive serpentine systems are out there with weak alternators that just can't handle the power load of normal street driving with AC, stereo, headlights, etc? Too many.
Rather than turn this ad into a book, please call for more details. We'd love to help you understand why this beauty should be under your hood.

Our number is 1-815-725-2727. NOTES
  1. These engines are not pollution compliant and are intended for transportation use only in pre-pollution controlled vehicles.
  2. All BRE engines are individually dyno tested and tuned.  Customers will be supplied with video of their engine's dyno along with the dyno and build sheets.
  3. Dyno results on the same engine are influenced by atmospheric conditions. The same engine can easily test +/- 2% different on horsepower depending upon ambient conditions.  The engine you receive will have completed its dyno session at no less than 98% of rated horsepower with the tune we provide.
  4. The photos representing this engine design show a previous build intended for racing that was jetted with a 150 shot of nitrous (see dyno video below).  As such, there will be some differences in appearance and parts from what is shown in some of the pictures and videos (ex. red MSD coil packs vs current black Daytona Sensor coil packs). 

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