64mm Oil Filter Wrench Cap Tool For Toyota Tundra Lexus Scion Camry RAV4 Sienna For Sale

64mm Oil Filter Wrench Cap Tool For Toyota Tundra Lexus Scion Camry RAV4 Sienna

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64mm Oil Filter Wrench Cap Tool For Toyota Tundra Lexus Scion Camry RAV4 Sienna:

64 mm Oil Filter Wrench Cap Tool For Toyota Tundra Lexus Scion Camry RAV4 SiennaDescription:
  • Size: 64mm
  • Flutes: 14
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Square Drive Size: 3/8"
  • Hex Drive Socket Size: 27mm / 1-1/16"

  • Professional grade forged construction - Won't crack or bend like the other oil filter wrenches on the market
  • Perfect fit - Won't get stuck on the oil filter housing eliminating the hassle of prying it off
  • More contact area - Won't damage the filter housing by slipping due to poor design or construction
  • High quality anodized finish protects the aluminum - Won't chip or scratch like paint
  • Save money and know the job was done right by doing it yourself
  • Guaranteed to fit and will last the life of your vehicle

Compatible With:
Toyota Avalon 2.5L(2013-2015), Avalon 3.5L(2005-2015), Camry 2.5L(2010-2015), Camry 3.5L(2007-2015),
4-Runner 4.0L(2010-2015), FJ Cruiser 4.0L(2010-2014), Highlander 2.7L(2009-2015), Highlander 3.5L(2008-2015),
Land Cruiser 5.7L(2008-2015), RAV4 2.5L(2009-2015), RAV4 3.5L(2006-2012), Sequoia 4.6L(2010-2012),
Sequoia 5.7L(2008-2015), Sienna 2.7L(2011-2013), Sienna 3.5L(2007-2015), Tundra 4.6L(2010-2015),
Tundra 5.7L(2007-2015), Venza 2.7L(2009-2015), Venza 3.5L(2009-2015)

Toyota Lexus ES300h 2.5L(2013-2015), ES350 3.5L(2007-2015), GS350 3.5L(2007-2015),
GS450h 3.5L(2007-2015), GS460 4.6L(2008-2011), GX460 4.6L(2010-2015),
IS250 2.5L(2006-2015), IS350 3.5L(2006-2015), LS460 4.6L(2007-2015),
LS600H 5.0L(2008-2015), LX570 5.7L(2008-2015), RX350 3.5L(2007-2015),
RX450h 3.5L(2010-2015), tc 2.5L(2011-2015) Package Included:1pcs Oil Filter – 20172.5LLexusES3502007 – 20173.5LLexusGS200t2016 - – 20173.5LLexusGS450h2007 – 20173.5LLexusGS4602008 – 20114.6LLexusGS F2016 - 20175.0LLexusGX4602010 – 20174.6LLexusIS F2008 – 20145.0LLexusIS200t2016 - 20172.0LLexusIS2502006 – 20152.5LLexusIS250C2010 - 20152.5LLexusIS3002016 - 20173.5LLexusIS3502006 – 20163.5LLexusIS350C2010 - 20153.5LLexusLS4602007 – 20174.6LLexusLS600h2008 – 20165.0LLexusLX5702008 – 20175.7LLexusNX200t2015 - 20172.0LLexusNX300h2015– 2017
2.5LLexusRC F2015– 2017
5.0LLexusRC200t2016 - 20172.0LLexusRC3002016 - 20173.5LLexusRC3502015– 2017
3.5LLexusRX3502007 – 20173.5LLexusRX450h2010 – 20173.5LSciontC2011 – 20162.5LScioniQ2012 - 20151.3LToyota4-Runner2010 – 20164.0LToyotaAvalon2013 – 20172.5LToyotaAvalon2005 – 20173.5LToyotaCamry2010 – 20172.5LToyotaCamry2007 – 20173.5LToyotaFJ Cruiser2010 – 20144.0LToyotaHighlander2009 – 20172.7LToyotaHighlander2008 – 20173.5LToyotaLand Cruiser2008 – 20175.7LToyotaRAV42009 – 20172.5LToyotaRAV42006 – 20123.5LToyotaSequoia2010 – 20124.6LToyotaSequoia2008 – 20175.7LToyotaSienna2011 – 20132.7LToyotaSienna2007 – 20173.5LToyotaTacoma2016 - 20173.5LToyotaTundra2011 - 20144.0LToyotaTundra2010 – 20174.6LToyotaTundra2007 – 20175.7LToyotaVenza2009 – 20152.7LToyotaVenza2009 – 20153.5LPaymentDelivery detailsTerms of salesAbout usContact style="color: #000000; font-family: 'Microsoft YaHei'; font-size: medium; text-align: left; background-color: #ffffff;">

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