2 BRAND NEW REAR COIL SPRING FOR ALFA ROMEO 166 (936) 1998-2007/GH-221066K For Sale

2 BRAND NEW REAR COIL SPRING FOR ALFA ROMEO 166 (936) 1998-2007/GH-221066K

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2 BRAND NEW REAR COIL SPRING FOR ALFA ROMEO 166 (936) 1998-2007/GH-221066K:

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2 BRAND NEW REAR COIL SPRING FOR Alfa Romeo 166 (936) 1998-2007 /GH-221066/

The GH coil springs are manufactured using only the highest quality chrome silicon steel which is then harden and tempered in the process. Thanks to cold rolling and powder coating the steel is protected from corrosion, its resilience is enhanced and it uses up slower. It is owing to all that that the GH coil springs are so durable. They are also covered by a 24 months warranty with no milage limitation on the vehicle.


G51092, GABRIEL Shock Absorber
ManufacturerOE NumberPricesAlfa Romeo­50515181
Alfa Romeo­50515182
Alfa Romeo­50515183
Alfa Romeo­50515185
Alfa Romeo­50515186
Alfa Romeo­50515211
Alfa Romeo­50515212
Alfa Romeo­50515213
Alfa Romeo­50515214
Alfa Romeo­50515215
Alfa Romeo­50516761
Alfa Romeo­50516763
Alfa Romeo­50516765
Alfa Romeo­50706029
Alfa Romeo­50706199
Alfa Romeo­50706200
Alfa Romeo­50706835
Alfa Romeo­50706836
Alfa Romeo­50707111
Alfa Romeo­50707112
Alfa Romeo­50707350
Alfa Romeo­50707719
Alfa Romeo­50707759
Alfa Romeo­50707760
Alfa Romeo­50708652
Alfa Romeo­50708655
Alfa Romeo­50708744
Alfa Romeo­50708745
Alfa Romeo­50708747
Alfa Romeo­50708748
Alfa Romeo­50708749
Alfa Romeo­50708750
Alfa Romeo­50708999
Alfa Romeo­50709000
Alfa Romeo­50709001
Alfa Romeo­50709002
Alfa Romeo­50709003
46838, FEBI BILSTEIN Coil Spring
ManufacturerOE NumberPricesMercedes-Benz­211 321 15 ROMEO 166 (936_) 2.0 T.Spark (936A3B__)­10.00 - 06.07110­1501970SaloonAlfa Romeo 166 (936_) 2.0 T.Spark (936A3A__)­09.98 - 10.00114­1551970SaloonAlfa Romeo 166 (936_) 2.0 V6 (936A3___)­09.98 - 10.00151­2051996SaloonAlfa Romeo 166 (936_) 2.5 V6 24V (936A21__)­10.00 - 06.07138­1882492SaloonAlfa Romeo 166 (936_) 2.5 V6 24V (936A2___)­09.98 - 12.06140­1902492SaloonAlfa Romeo 166 (936_) 3.0 V6 24V (936A11__)­10.00 - 06.07162­2202959SaloonAlfa Romeo 166 (936_) 3.0 V6 24V (936A1___)­09.98 - 06.07166­2262959SaloonAlfa Romeo 166 (936_) 3.2 V6 24V­10.03 - 06.07176­2403179SaloonAlfa Romeo 166 (936_) 2.4 JTD (936A2A__)­09.98 - 10.00100­1362387SaloonAlfa Romeo 166 (936_) 2.4 JTD (936A2B__)­10.00 - 06.07103­1402387SaloonAlfa Romeo 166 (936_) 2.4 JTD­04.02 - 06.07110­1502387SaloonAlfa Romeo 166 (936_) 2.4 JTD­10.03 - 06.07120­1632387SaloonAlfa Romeo 166 (936_) 2.4 JTD­10.03 - 06.07129­1752387SaloonAlfa Romeo 166 (936_) 2.4 JTD­07.06 - 06.07132­1802387SaloonAlfa Romeo 166 (936_) 2.4 JTD­07.05 - 06.07136­1852387Saloon14.871.413, CS Germany Coil Spring
ManufacturerOE NumberPricesAlfa Romeo­60628254


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