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1969 camaro Z28 dz 302 COMPLETE ENGINE local pick up free:

1969 camaro Z28 dz 302 COMPLETE ENGINE. Condition is "Remanufactured". Block and head casting original stamped at factory 11 03 DZ ON PAD ALL ACCESSERY FACTORY ORIGINAL #MATCH AND DATE CORRECT A BORN COMPLETE ASSEMBLY. CARB STARTER ALTERNATER WP and fuel pump rebuilt (0RIGINAL PULLIES ).. (CRANK & RODS BRAND NEW GM), (PISTONS KIETH BLACK BLUPRINT STOCK +30)(VALVE SPRINGS BRAND NEW) (VALVES MANLY SS NEW) KEEPERS, RETAINERS , BRAND NEW. (GUIDES BRONZ NEW.) TIMING CHAIN BILLET (comp cams ) BRAND NEW. ROCKERS CRAIN NEEDEL BEARING GOLD ROLLERS BRAND NEW. (INTAKE ORIGINAL) ( Z28 DiSTRIBUTER ORIGINAL) pushrods gm new ...lifters gm new. cam 30/30 . gm (EXHAUST MANIFOLDSoriginal ) Original)(418 non dripper valve covers original) Ballence numbers for rotating assembly (crank rods pistons )-info sheet in pictures ! ORIGINAL cap wires plugs correct new. wire stand offs original(COIL CORRECT # new ) COMPLETE ASSAMBLE READY TO INSTALL. This date of assambly 1103 DZ is nov 3 68 ,is for a 69 car with an assembly date (dec 68) -(jan- feb of 69). Heads # 3927186 date J= october 8=68 J 22 8 J 28 8 BLOCK # 3932386 J 28 8 Alternator 1100837 9A 3 Starter 1108367 8 L Waterpump 3953692 L 12 8 Distributer 1111480 8 K 30 Carburater 3923289 8A1 4053 DZ # IN PICTURES rebuilt by ghost LI NY Fuel pump 40669 rebuilt by goat hill Crankshaft 3941178 302 DZ Pistons kieth black UEM ICON UEM-IC802KTD-030 Rods Full floting 3973386 Intake man. 3932472 If shipping is wanted truck fraight cost to be determaned.

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