" Spirit World " 1989 F-150 used ignition switch from " gshope " $ 12,000.00 For Sale

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" Spirit World " 1989 F-150 used ignition switch from " gshope " $ 12,000.00:

" Spirit World " 1989 F-150 used ignition switch from " gshope " for $ 12,000.00. As you can see I'm listed here at as " gshope " which stands for " God - Status - Human - On - Planet - Earth." It's this simple, you already heard many preachers saying that someday God is going to appear before the world " in-person." I'm that person who God selected as the " chosen one " so the " True Spirit Force God " could appear before the world " in-person." There are many reasons why God selected me including since many kept trying to help murder out of a lot of massive death row size corruption ( 68-77-82-86-89-94-2000-2010-2021.) You can scroll down through those " Oval Office " connected conspiracies posted at my Facebook site. If you still don't get the " Spirit World " item for sale, this is how collectors throughout the world would see it. Since I'm God's personally selected " chosen one," whatever I touch would be seen as God was also touching it by way of being within the " chosen one." That is also one of the ways God is paying me while still closing in on many billions of dollars in movie deals, books deals, and massive size lawsuits against many under the USA Criminal and Liabilities Laws. OK, you can scroll down through my Facebook site and through my other ad's here at for a lot more info. Whatever is posted there can be added to this ad before you purchase. Don't laugh at the $ 12,000.00 price, with the press outlets finally forced open / unrigged ( 89-94-2000-2010-2021 ) this used 1989 F-150 ignition switch could end up selling for hundreds of thousands if not for millions. OK, enough said here. https://www.facebook.com/john.shuey.77

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