2017 NAIAS Preview: The new 2017 Toyota Camry, this is partially it

The Toyota Camry has been on a quest to become more stylish and it looks like the next one will be

What’s going on?

Toyota released a photo teaser of the next Camry’s taillight, providing a glimpse of what to expect. The result is a taillight that promises a much more stylistic design for the new generation model.

Let’s be honest. The Toyota Camry is the very definition of automotive vanilla. It’s always the first car to come to mine whenever anyone associates the ideas of mainstream and boredom to the automobile. Regardless of its commonality and lackluster driving experience, it remains to be a top seller and it remains to be one of the most popular cars in its class.

But to see if they can regain those sales lost to the more attractive alternatives like the Mazda6 and the fun-to-drive Honda Accord, Toyota looks to be upping its own styling game with the bread-and-butter mid-sizer.

What’s known about the new Camry?

Nothing, really. Though because of its huge success, we wouldn’t bet on any significant changes to the formula already serving the current Camry duty.

That means you can anticipate a usual choice of a four-cylinder engine and possibly a V6. The V6 might be a possibility because rumors began suggesting that Toyota could retire its popular naturally-aspirated V6 in favor of its all-new turbocharged four-cylinder already powering the base Lexus IS200t and NX200t. Though we hope that’s not the case since the Toyota V6 is a peachy six-pot, even if it is just in a Camry.

Also anticipate the return of the Camry’s famous hybrid model. A plug-in hybrid version is also rumored, though we’ll only know for sure when we get closer to the Detroit show.

– By: Chris Chin

Source: Toyota

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