Video: This is the first video spy footage of the new Toyota Supra revival

You can hear one of the engines for the first time too.

The Toyota Supra revival is back in the news again, but in the form of moving pictures and finally, some sound!

For the first time ever, the world can hear what the new Supra revival sounds like.

The video first surfaced via’s YouTube. It is a short 30-second clip of the Supra’s prototype leaving BMW M’s Test Center at the famed Nürburgring.

As the prototype pulls out of the driveway, the driver steps on the gas to make sure the mill was heard. But surprisingly, it was fairly silent while creeping out of the driveway. That alone suggests the car could be hybridized.

However, it’s hard to determine what engine is under the hood of the prototype just from the sound alone.

Dating back to 2013, the Toyota Supra revival first surfaced when BMW and the Japanese auto giant agreed to collaborate on a “midsize sports coupe.” Over the past three or so years, such a pact caused quite a stir in the car world. In fact, it has so much hype, it might just be one of the biggest car launches in the 21st century.

Now that enough time passed, more news and information is surfacing.

The plan is to produce two cars on the Supra’s platform. Toyota obviously has theirs, but BMW will be building the other car. Rumored to be the new Z5 to succeed the Z4, the latest speculation points to the use of a new twin-turbocharged Toyota-sourced V6 with 400hp for the Supra. BMW has their own turbocharged inline-six to play with so it’s likely to be the powerplant of choice for the Z5.

Toyota also confirmed that potential lies in the use of a hybrid powertrain, which could be shared between the two automakers for their own cars.

– By: Chris Chin

Source:’s YouTube


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