Spy Shots: Upcoming Toyota Supra finally surfaces in camo

The return of the Toyota Supra is one of the most highly anticipated sports car revivals of the 21st century.

The mid-engined Corvette. The “entry-level” Ferrari. They’re white whales of the automotive industry, constantly teased but never delivered upon. And a new Toyota Supra has long been one of them. But it won’t be for much longer.

A follow up to the Mk IV Supra, which lasted from 1993 to 2002, has been rumored pretty much since immediately after the death of the previous model, but a recent partnership with BMW gave the anticipation some validity. Now we’re seeing those dealings come to fruition. These are indeed spy shots of the upcoming Toyota Supra, which will be a production cousin of the upcoming BMW Z5.

The Supra is looking like a beefed-up 86, particularly in the greenhouse and at the back, while the nose has clearly been given the FT-1 treatment. It’s an evolution of the design language that began with the Japanese automaker’s FT series of concepts, dating back nearly ten years at this point.

Unlike the relationship between the 86 and Subaru’s BRZ, or the Mazda MX-5 and the Fiat 124, the differences between the Toyota and BMW are purported to be much more pronounced. The platform was jointly developed by the two companies, though it seems that’s where the similarities end. A 400-hp, Lexus-sourced twin-turbocharged V6 has been bandied about for the Supra, while the Z5 will appropriately receive BMW’s own turbocharged inline four- and six-cylinder mills. Toyota previously confirmed they are preparing a hybrid powertrain that may be shared between the two companies.

Exciting as these images may be, the Supra and Z5 aren’t slated to release until 2018 at the earliest, which is a bit of a downer. Then again, the world has been waiting nearly a decade-and-a-half for a new Toyota flagship, and even longer here in the States. In fact, by the time we can drive the new Supra, 20 years will have passed since its predecessor was sold on our shores. Really, what’s another two?

— By: Adam Ismail

Source: AutoExpress

Photos At: CarPix.se