Report: California lawmakers are leading the way with new climate change mandates

California legislature is once again setting the new laws to help combat climate change. They are, after all, the leading entity that led the first efforts of enforcing America’s Clean Air Act on automobile emissions.

However, these new greenhouse emissions mandates aren’t just focusing on the reduction of car emissions. Now, the new bill is intended to focus on improving California’s infrastructure. In the press conference for the vote, members of the Senate said the new requirements will affect all industries in the state, from agriculture, to oil refining, and even public utilities.

In a recent state Senate voting poll, a 25-13 support was recorded to set a new target for the state’s emissions. The goal is to reduce California’s greenhouse gas emissions to levels equivalent to 40 percent below the recorded amount in 1990, by the year 2030. Through the voting process, California proudly said that they’re on track for meeting their original goal for 2020 of reducing emissions back to levels recorded in the year 1990.

The vote was passed only hours after the state Assembly passed a related bill to increase the amount over administrative oversight in regards to climate change programs run by the California Air Resources Board. That vote passed by withΒ 44-28.

Both bills related to these new mandates are now on the desk of Governor Jerry Brown, who already pledged to sign them.

The new bills also aren’t exempt from their fair share of opposition.Β Reuters says most of those against the new requirements are in relation to the potential resulting job losses that could happen within the communities they represent.

– By: Chris Chin

Source: Reuters

Photo Source: Google with Creative Commons License


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