Report: The Tesla Model S and Model X now come with two-year lease options

Tesla’s on a huge sales offensive to meet end-of-the-year goals. This benefits the customer usually in the form of discounts and easier purchasing or leasing options–and that’s exactly what happened as of recent.

Earlier today, Tesla officially announced to be introducing new two-year lease options for the Model X and Model S electric vehicles. While you might think this new option works in the potential buyers’ favor, the numbers don’t exactly crunch out much in the way of savings.

In a recent email tipped to¬†Electrek, Tesla is offering a new Model S 60 with a lease rate of $593 per month for a 10,000-mile yearly mileage cap for 24 months. With that rate, you get a pretty basic Model S 60 with virtually no extra options or kit. Oh, that’s also forgetting the need to cough up $6,000 for a down payment. The MSRP for the Model S 60 is otherwise $66,000.

The Model X is also equally expensive at $730 per mont under the same terms. This earns a basic Model X 60D, otherwise MSRP’d at $74,000.

The promotion starts now and is on-going until September 12th. All orders made before then will quality for the lease program.

– By: Chris Chin

Source: Tesla via Electrek

Photo Source: Tesla

Chris Chin

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