Koeniggsegg officially reveals what went wrong with the insane One:1 crash on the ‘Ring

The great big Koenigsegg crash on the Nürburgring was a measurable story when it occurred earlier in the week. I mean, what did you expect when the company’s fastest, most powerful, most expensive car eats shit on the infamous Green Hell, potentially taking the title as the most expensive crash ever on the the racetrack?

Well, if you were wondering what happened, everyone’s presumptions could be laid to rest as Koenigsegg themselves announced a statement as to exactly what happened, according to their investigations and findings.

After the car was returned to home base in Ängelholm, company engineers were able to attribute the cause of the crash to a “fault with the front left ABS wheel sensor signal,” causing the front wheels to lock up under hard braking.

The Koenigsegg One:1, one of only seven ever built, crashed after its brakes seemingly locked, causing the car to plow through a crash barrier. That barrier then deflected, acting as a ramp, catapulting the One:1 into the air while rotating 180 degrees, before landing parallel to the barrier.

The driver escaped with little to no injury with Koenigsegg citing the One:1’s safety systems as acting as they should. A small fire did break out after some mangled carbon fiber ended up on the hot exhaust, but was put out by the driver thanks to the on-board extinguisher.

Further investigation found the One:1 did light up its ABS malfunction light, but the driver was likely too focused on high-speed driving to see the light’s illumination, which is located on the car’s center console.

Upon failing, the brakes’ contingency system worked to keep the rear brakes from locking as well, preventing the car from spinning on the road when braking. Here, a straight skid is considered to be the safer move.

The company also said they issued a software update to prevent this failure from happening to any other cars.

– By: Chris Chin

Source: Koenigsegg

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