Report: Chrysler could ditch the 300’s classic rear-wheel drive setup for the boring one

I like the current Chrysler 300. Sure it’s a bit dated, and it might have a reputation a bit similarly to how Pontiac was stereotypically perceived in the 1960s. But in its latest form, it’s been the best one yet, and still nobody’s buying them. That’s a bit sad because it’s the last true classic big-bodied American luxury sedan. And I like land yachts.

It’s even gotten to the point where it’s really sad–for instance, if you wanted to buy a 300C SRT8, you can only buy them used. But, if you lived abroad in Europe, it’s still can be bought with almost zero mileage on it.

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That’s how twisted and low demand is for the 300. So, naturally, FCA wants to try and mitigate the issue and make the 300 more, “sellable.” This of course means considering a full redesign of the car to make it front-wheel drive. And typing that alone just pained me.

According to Reuters, FCA’s Sergio Marchionne suggested the next-gen model could utilize the same platform as the 2017 Chrysler Pacifica minivan. That alone would change the car’s engine and drivetrain configuration. It could also signal the end of Chrysler’s use of the old Mercedes E-Class-based platform.

If anything were to happen in terms of a third-generation 300C, it would occur later in the decade, sometime in 2018 or after.

– By: Chris Chin

Source: Reuters

Chris Chin

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