Report: The next-gen BMW X5 could be here as early as next year

Current BMW X5 eDrive test mule pictured.

The rate at which Germans are replacing and updating their cars is happening faster than the mood swings of a teenager going through puberty and to serve as an example of this, Australia’s Motoring reportedly spoke to BMW Group’s regional director for down yonder to learn the new X5 could arrive as early as next year.

Of course, speculation is speculation and nothing has been confirmed, but German automakers have been slowly decreasing the life span of their car generations to update them quicker. This in turn keeps the car from feeling old and dated, and keeps customers interested and their checkbooks within reach.

In the X5’s case, the current model’s been with us for only three to four years as it was introduced in 2013. So for a new X5 to come by next year would make the current model no more than three years old and comparatively speaking, the BMW X5 before that was around for six to seven years.

From the latest development as well, word is the new X5 will get an all-new platform, coined the CLAR platform under BMW AG’s group. That alphabet soup stands for Cluster Architecture and is also the latest platform to serve as the backbone of the latest and greatest 7-Series.

This supposedly will extend the BMW X5’s length by nearly one and a half feet, though weight is also said to be decreased, allowing the heaviest X5 to tip the scales at only 4,188lbs. Yea, it’s not exactly lightweight, but for an SUV crossover, that is impressive.

Expect the usual range of turbocharged six- and eight-cylinder engines with the possibility of even a larger V12 variant, a plug-in and full-electric model as well.

– By: Chris Chin

Source: Motoring

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