Report: Spyker plans to build a V12-powered crossover SUV

Ever since Spyker reintroduced themselves as a boutique builder for limited production luxury sports cars, uncertainty filled the voids of expectations since nobody exactly knew what Spyker was going to do to stay¬†afloat. For small companies like Spyker, it’s hard to remain financially self-sufficient since limited production and high initial purchase prices lead to low-turnover and thus, very specific profit margins.

But now, Spyker is looking to apparently up its game even more to become more of a prominent automaker by making a luxury crossover SUV powered by a preexisting and undisclosed V12.

Anticipated for a reveal at the Los Angeles International Auto Show later this year, Spyker’s CEO Victor Muller told AutoCar that the crossover will happen and will utilize the same V12 being sourced for their next sports car, the C12. And just by judging by these comments, it’s quite clear that Spyker has the Bentley Bentayga in its sights.

Because Spyker is aiming at a very specific and affluent market, Muller noted that he understands fuel economy and eco-friendliness aren’t exactly high on the priority list for the buyers they seek to market to. Regardless however, he’s still keen about offering the option for those who do want some sort of eco-friendliness with this new Spyker SUV. So the plan is to also offer an electric powertrain by 2017, cooperatively developed in partnership with a company called Volta Volare.

That said however, Muller also said not to expect a plug-in hybrid variant because of its complicated design and packaging issues for the new crossover SUV.

– By: Chris Chin

Source: AutoCar

Chris Chin

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