2016 New York: Mercedes shows off a smattering of new body styles, AMG cars

Mercedes-Benz has a history in New York, so they say. After all, it was here that the Silver Arrow debuted the iconic 300 SL. The storied German marque didn’t roll out anything quite on the same level at this year’s show, though you certainly can’t blame them for a lack of trying. Five Mercedes bowed in the Big Apple on Wednesday, ranging from the all-new segment-splitting GLC Coupe to a refreshed CLA for 2017.

Let’s begin with the GLC Coupe. As is customary to do in 2016, this new version of the GLC is the company’s latest attempt at blending the high-riding, mild off-roading capabilities of one of their small SUV offerings with the driving dynamics and roofline of a sports coupe. Mercedes claims it can handle both uses equally well, thanks in large part to the car’s Air Body Control suspension system which can be modified at the driver’s will through a selection of five different modes. A stiffer ride and tighter steering ratio is activated when the car is placed in Sport+ mode — at which point Mercedes says you’ll forget you’re in a crossover.

However, if the GLC Coupe isn’t sporty and yet simultaneously SUV enough for your needs, AMG is here to help with the GLC43. The performance division’s first mid-size in the segment features a 3.0 liter 362 hp V6 Biturbo and can purportedly reach 0-60 in 4.8 seconds

Speaking of AMG, the crowd was also treated to the new E43 AMG, which features the same 3.0 liter V6 tuned to deliver an extra 30 hp. The AMG C63 also saw the addition of a cabriolet. Finally, the CLA-Class will be receiving a mid-cycle refresh for 2017 with a redesigned front fascia, interior trim, and the addition of Active Brake Assist as a standard feature.

—By: Adam Ismail