2016 New York Preview: The Lincoln Navigator Concept pitches a stunning potential Range Rover competitor

Reveal pictures provided by Lincoln Motor Company.

Lincoln decided to surprise us by revealing a total show-stopper, similarly to their Continental Concept. This time, it’s a pitch at an entirely new generation of Lincoln Navigator. And it’s quite the stunner.

Due for a full reveal on the floor of the Javits, Lincoln seems to have built themselves, what could possibly be a real Range Rover competitor, but one that’s geared more towards road use rather than the Range Rover’s all-around stunning capability and flexibility.

But despite being a concept, Lincoln’s president, KumarĀ Galhotra, said that we should bet on the production version looking a lot like the concept. Though like you, I doubt the gullwing doors will make it to production. Hey, I could be wrong since Tesla was ballsy enough to do it on the Model X.

Ok, so what else is notable about the Navigator? Well, the Navigator Concept itself and even the production version rides on a completely new platform, sportingĀ a 3.5L EcoBoost V6 good for 400hp.

So despite Lincoln seemingly having little interest in the Navigator with the current model’s lazy “redesign,” we presumed wrong as the Navigator is alive and well as it comes up to being nearly two decades old.

Do you think Lincoln has something potential on their hands here?

– By: Chris Chin


Chris Chin

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