2016 Geneva Preview: The new Honda Civic five-door prototype brings sexy back to the hatch

Let’s not bounce around the fact that Honda’s doing a killer job with their latest 10th-generation Civic. It’s sweeping critics off of their feet by proving once again that the giant Japanese H is capable of making fun, cheap and economical cars that also don’t have to look or feel cheap. Whether in coupe or sedan form, the new Civic is undoubtedly a looker. And now, things just got better.

Fresh off of the press at the 2016 Geneva Auto Show, Honda revealed a new five-door hatchback concept of the latest Civic, and like its two-door and four-door variants, it’s pretty damn sexy. So sexy, that I’m sure it’s bringing sexy back to the hatch.

Built to replace the European-spec Civic five-door, the new model benefits from a wider stance, a lower roofline, and a longer length for a far more aggressive and “hunkered-down” appearance. However, there was no indication as to whether or not we’ll see the Civic five-door on our shores.

But given the fact that the latest Civic is being built on a modular platform, allowing Honda to basically make the car to the same specification for all markets around the world, similarly to Ford, there’s a possible chance we could see the Civic five-door here.

Power is expected to be supplied by a range of new three-cylinder and four-cylinder gas engines, as well as a new 1.6L diesel. Transaxle choices remain, like the sedan and coupe, to be a six-speed manual or CVT automatic.

The full-production Civic five-door is anticipated to surface at the Paris Motor Show in October.

– By: Chris Chin

Source: Honda


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