2016 Detroit Preview: The Buick Avista Concept signals the American Trident’s return to rear-wheel drive

Buick hasn’t made a rear-wheel drive car since the Chevrolet TrailBlazer-based, badgineered Buick Rainer…but that really doesn’t count since it was a poor excuse of a midsize Buick SUV….and it’s an SUV. Not exactly the sort of car Buick is known for.

So since that’s out of the way, Buick hasn’t made a rear-wheel drive car since the body-on-frame-built 1996 Roadmaster. That’s almost 20 years of front-wheel drive, rental car woefulness.

But following the introduction of Buick’s latest Opel-based models, it appeared America’s Trident was turning around, especially after the restructuring of GM in 2008.

Last year, they proved it even more with the drop-dead gorgeous rear-wheel drive-based Avenir Concept.

This year, Buick did it again, to create the Avista Concept, a luxurious 2+2 sports coupe with a backbone based on the latest Chevrolet Camaro. HOORAH!

Not only is it drop-dead gorgeous, like the Avenir Concept, it’s rear-wheel drive, has two doors, and performance pretenses. Need we say more?

The last time Buick tried anything really “sporty” was arguably the Regal-based Grand National and GNX models from the 1980s. But that was so long ago!

Not much else is known, but we should have more information pop up as we see the Avista on the floor of the Cobo.

All I can say right now though, is that Buick needs to make this.

Stay tuned.


– By: Chris Chin

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Chris Chin

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