Report: Don’t expect an all-wheel drive Toyota Prius anytime soon

All-wheel drive is undoubtedly a popular drivetrain, as is hybrid powertrains, so much in fact that automakers are finding ways to combine the virtues and qualities of all-paw traction with electric and hybrid powertrains.

So, why hasn’t there been an all-wheel drive Toyota Prius? That seems like the ultimate beater/daily-driver for the affluent, tree-hugging yuppies of the world who live in four-season climates and need the all-wheel traction for that one time it snows one inch out of the year, while drinking their pumpkin-spice Charbucks and adding to the benefits of good fuel economy that already come with the Prius.

According to AutomotiveNews, Toyota actually does not see sufficient demand for an all-wheel drive Prius for them to develop one and sell it on our shores. Now that’s a bit of an interesting find.

In Japan, the Toyota Prius comes with a hybrid all-wheel drive powertrain and it’s called E-Four, costing an additional 180,000 yen, or $1,487 USD on top of the initial purchase price of the Prius in Japan.

Despite the low demand for all-wheel drive in the Prius lineup, Toyota’s E-Four engineer, Yoshihiro Ikushimo told AutomotiveNews that he’s still considering the idea of pitching the possibility of an all-wheel drive Prius in the United States.

Would you like to see an all-wheel drive Toyota hybrid toaster on our shores? Let us know in the comments below!

– By: Chris Chin

Source: AutomotiveNews


Chris Chin

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