Report: Mazda hints at actually following through with new RX model, could launch in 2017

Mazda surprised and captivated the world with the revealing of their new RX-Vision Concept at the Tokyo Motor Show just a few weeks ago.

Now, the small Japanese automaker supposedly hinted that they’re actually going to follow through with making a new RX sports car, according to Motoring, who received the scoop from inside sources.

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Those sources apparently said testing for a new “16X” hybrid turbocharged rotary engine, with a dual-800cc rotor construction, is being developed to produce a total output of around 450hp. That means this mill will displace a total of 1600cc, or around 1.6L. Word even says the turbocharging mechanism on that rotary will be electric and a sort of “turbo assist” system that allows for the boosting of low-end power. That sounds like a good recipe since with previous RX’s you had to rev the crap out of the engine in order to really make use of the power–not that’s not fun or anything, it’s just a little impractical.

Power would obviously be sent to the rear-wheels via a dual-clutch gearbox mounted at the rear-axle for 50-50 weight distribution.

Should all hold to be true, including its rumored “RX-9” production moniker, the new RX sports car should be launched in 2017 riding on an aluminum-intensive platform with carbon fiber integrated into it, weighing in at just 3,086lbs.


– By: Chris Chin

Source: Motoring

Chris Chin

Chris Chin is the Editor-In-Chief of egmCarTech and is a regular contributor to Automobile Magazine.

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