Report: Jeremy Clarkson could become a jailbird from the Falklands scandal

Remember when Jeremy Clarkson got an entire country angry at him? He did so by offending Argentina with what the BBC claims was a coincidental vanity plate that reminded the nation of its deadly short war with the United Kingdom over the Falkland Islands in 1982.

During the Falklands War, nearly 1,000 casualties of the armed forces were sustained on both sides, but ultimately, Argentina lost, leaving them very pissed and angry at the plucky collection of islands to the northwest of Europe.

The issue arose when the automotive three stooges were filming a worldly challenge event for the last season of Top Gear and one of the cars, Jeremy Clarkson’s Porsche specifically, sported the plate, “H982 FKL,” which reminded Argentina too much of the war and its result. The crew and hosts were then forced to flee the country with whatever they had, leaving the challenge cars and a bunch of angry, violent Argentinians behind.

Now, The Telegraph reports the debacle isn’t over as it came back to haunt Jeremy Clarkson. A court probe rebooted a legal investigation in Argentina, where Judge Maria Cristina Barrionuevo was forced to reopen the case by three appeal judges, after she ruled a full-scale criminal investigation wouldn’t be pursued.

This ultimately means Clarkson and his colleagues, Richard Hammond and James May, could be legally summoned by the nation of Argentina to report to the country to testify–like that would bode over well. At the very worst, The Telegraph says the trio could face up to a three-year prison sentence. For what exactly, completely defies our understanding. Not to mention, it’s highly unlikely the UK would turn them in.

Either way, this situation just got a whole lot more interesting…

– By: Chris Chin

Source: The Telegraph

Chris Chin

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