Report: Production for the 2016 Ford GT limited to 200, for now

Interested in getting your hands on Ford’s new halo car, the 2016 GT? Well, you might be a bit out of luck since Ford reportedly said they’re going to only produce it 200 times, 100 of which will be made available to customers in the US, according to Autoweek.

Compared to the general population, of the US at 318.9 million people, that sets the pretense for the new Ford GT to be one rare bird. Though this limited production figure is supposedly only limited to the first model year.

Either way, it sounds like you’d have to be quite special to be able to get a first model-year GT with rumors suggesting Ford may even implement an “election” process to buying a new GT, similarly to how Ferrari deals with their halo cars.

But then again, you wouldn’t exactly be missing out as much since a general rule of long-term car purchasing often advises against buying the first model-year car. This is given the fact that automakers tend to leave some remaining research and development in the hands of the customers, rather than completing the project entirely themselves, allowing them to cut corners with finding flaws.

They’ll never admit this, of course.

– By: Chris Chin

Source: AutoWeek


Chris Chin

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