Poll: A Ferrari Dino will happen and get an all-new turbocharged V6

CAR reports a new Ferrari Dino is in the works as a potential new entry-level model with a relatively modest tag of around 185,000 euros, or just short of $208,000.

The entry-level Ferrari has been rumored for a little while now and was recently bolstered with news of Ferrari’s latest plans to start incorporating modular platforms and engines with its manufacturing, as they seek to boost volume production as a result of being converted into a publicly-owned company.

Though the name “Dino” is still a tentative affair since it hasn’t yet been confirmed to be the official name.

The car itself however will basically be a smaller, lighter, and more affordable version of the 488GTB and will be the first car from Italy’s Prancing Horse to be built on Ferrari’s new all-aluminum, modular architecture. Stylistically, it should be influenced by the Pininfarina Sergio Concept with nuances of classic Dino appointments and cues.

Powering the new “Dino” should also be another first Ferrari, their first all-new V6, displacing 2.9L and aided by turbocharging. This motor will first debut under the hood of the hotly anticipated Alfa Romeo Giulia though for the “Dino,” it will be offered in two forms: one with 450hp and the other with 600hp.

That same V6 will also be used in other models as the new platforms and mills pave the way for a new “generation” of future Ferraris. Though, in our opinion, it’s the end of Ferrari as we know it.

Do you like the direction Ferrari’s taking over the next generation?

– By: Chris Chin

Source: CAR

Chris Chin

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