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Some news regarding Ford has been rolling in recently after some attention was brought to a significant dip in the company’s stock value, due to a bleak forecast future in major markets such as China. As a result, FoMoCo decided to share some possible prospects with the media as to how they potentially plan to regain traction in the market, and this means the chance for some new models, or the resurrection of a few.

Those two models are the Ford Ranger and lately, the Ford Bronco. The Ranger was recently rumored to be planned for a return to the market by 2018, which totally makes sense given the midsize pickup truck market got a boost with new models from General Motors and a new Toyota Tacoma.

Now, there’s word the Ford Bronco may actually make a return to the US, where the SUV and truck market continues to boom, despite the looming fear of heightened gas prices.

The return of the Ford Bronco rumor has been one lingering around since 2004, when Ford introduced a Bronco Concept, but never made it to production. Also, there was reason to suspect the Ford was holding off on the Bronco revival following the legacy set forth by the infamous O.J. Simpson, since his getaway car was an early 1990s Bronco. But since then, the Bronco has attained a cult following, particularly among young buyers.

Given the climate of the market currently, and now that enough time has elapsed since the Simpson incident involving the use of a Ford Bronco, Ford execs announced they believe it’s a good time to bring back the model and revive the nameplate. This will ultimately allow Ford to closer compete with some of the off-road enthusiast-based options offered from Toyota and Jeep.

What should we expect for its return? Some insiders toldĀ Bloomberg that the new Bronco will be of the middle size, like the Explorer, but unlike the current Explorer, which is a unibody crossover, the new Bronco will be built on a pickup truck frame, most likely a shortened version of the Ford F150’s chassis, so it’ll be a classic, rugged body-on-frame truck like the original.

This all sounds exciting, though it’s important to not get ahead of ourselves. But either way, it sounds like a Bronco could actually be making a return this time.

Are you guys excited?

– By: Chris Chin

Source: Bloomberg

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