Tech: This new giant but cost-effective filter system can remove carbon dioxide from the air

Now this may not seem like it’s very car-related, but because one of the many byproducts produced by the automotive industry is also the same substance that continues to give it a bad reputation, carbon dioxide emissions are totally car-related.

That said, one of the many efforts to reduce the automobile’s impact is to reduce its carbon footprint, or how much carbon dioxide they emit from propulsion as part of the process of internal combustion using fossil fuels. But what if we found a way to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in our air by just sucking it out?

Calgary-based firm Carbon Engineering apparently has the answer with a new, cost-effective carbon dioxide filter system that literally extracts carbon dioxide from the air in our atmospher using a PVC-based filtration system, constantly whetted by a special liquid to create a carbonate solution. Carbon dioxide can then be extracted from the carbonate solution and the solution can be recycled back into the filter where it can be used again for the same purpose.

This also creates a direct stream of pure carbon dioxide, which can be repurposed to make hydrocarbons when combined with hydrogen, thus creating a renewable source of energy from carbon dioxide.

To see the full explanation, check out Carbon Engineering’s demo video below. And if we were a viable investor, we’d say: take our money now!


Source: Carbon Engineering via IFLScience

Chris Chin

Chris Chin is the Editor-In-Chief of egmCarTech and is a regular contributor to Automobile Magazine.

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