Mazda replaces new owner’s Launch Edition Miata MX-5 following crash minutes after delivery

A tragic bit of news came in for Mazda Miata fans when a new owner of a Miata MX-5 Launch Edition was rear ended minutes after taking delivery of his new baby from Tom Bush Mazda.

According to several reports, the owner was rear-ended by a Ford F150 just a short distance from driving off of the dealership lot–only minor injuries were sustained while the Mazda Miata MX-5 Launch Edition itself was badly damaged.

But in a gesture of good faith, Mazda North America contacted the owner directly, surprising with news that a brand-new replacement LE model with a six-speed manual was being expedited to his location–that’s a big huge thumbs up to Mazda North America’s customer care.

“At around 4:00 PM or so, BAM. BAM, and our beautiful new LE was no more,” the owner explained to a local news outlet. “We were shaken, Joanne took a ride with the EMT’s to the hospital and I was left dazed, amazed, stressed, and whatever emotion one could experience. I also quickly realized that we were both still alive and functioning, thank you up there!!!”

“Then, yesterday afternoon, I received 2 calls from MNAO informing me that my name was on a replacement LE 6MT that is in transit and will dock in Jacksonville around August 15. On to Tom Bush soon after that.”

How about that…

– By: Chris Chin

Source: Jalopnik

Chris Chin

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