What does Mercedes-Benz want? To crossover everything!

You’ve heard us say it over and over again–crossovers are just the hottest things today in the car world, hotter than manual transmissions, wagons, and even sedans. One in every three cars purchased in the United States is a crossover, and to take advantage of this high demand, Mercedes-Benz allegedly plans to produce more crossovers.

CarAdvice down yonder in Australia reportedly spoke to Daimler AG’s board member, Thomas Weber at the launch of the new GLC, which joins Merc’s already preexisting and crowded crossover family. This includes the GLA, GLC, GLE and GLE Coupe, the GL and the Gelandewagen. The GLC was formerly the GLk and the GLE used to be the M-Class.

However, their crossover expansion isn’t done yet as Weber said there’s even more room for more variants. He didn’t quite specify what new prospects were being mulled, but given how Audi’s been rumored to come out with a new stylized crossover based off of the TT sports coupe, there’s reason to suspect Mercedes will most likely match their move since they simply don’t go without competing against their direct and domestic rivals.

Either way, Weber did hint that the new crossovers he’s alluding to will be based off of Merc’s next-generation MFA modular platform.

Source: CarAdvice

Chris Chin

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