Report: Koenigsegg might step it down a notch, produce “down-to-earth” cars

Koenigsegg is known for producing some of the most bonkers super- and hypercars in the world, such as the Agera, the CCX, and so-on. They’ve been making them so bonkers actually, that they even coined their own term when they revealed the ridiculously awesome Regera, and that term would be “megacar.”

Now though, CarThrottle reports the small Swedish manufacturer may turn its prospects in the other direction by reaching downmarket to produce “down-to-earth” cars. Yes, this implies Koenigsegg may get around to produce more mainstream automobiles.

The outlet spoke to CEO, Christian von Koenigsegg, who explained that the manufacturer definitely has the resources and knowledge to produce more “humble” cars, thanks to their innovation with their supercars.

Additionally, should something actually come to fruition from these plans, Koenigsegg is ready to form a new sub-brand below Koenigsegg, while the Koenigsegg name will be reserved for the super, hyper, and megacars. In terms of propulsion, Koenigsegg also remains loyal to classic internal combustion with von Koenigsegg saying that he believes there’s still lots of unexplored potential with the combustion engine and hybrid setups, essentially downplaying any interest in possible all-electric cars.

As of now, the Swedish automaker is rumored to be working on their own four-door model within the next five years, while discussions for prospects involving a potential Porsche 911 competitor have been ultimately ruled out.

Source: CarThrottle

Chris Chin

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