Spy Shots: This is what the interior of the Alfa Romeo Giulia looks like

The Alfa Romeo Giulia is getting us all excited, as well as many other auto enthusiasts alike.

And to make things even more exciting, some pictures of the Giulia’s interior were published, revealing what the interior at least looks like.

From what we’re able to gather from these recent visuals, the Giulia looks to be very intimate and cozy, most likely in an effort to make the Giulia seem more like a sports car with a cocooning interior. And that’s totally fine with us, given the Alfa is being hyped up to be quite the performer.

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The pictures recently surfaced after Alfa Romeo hosted an official premiere event, where journalists were able to snap pictures of the insides. In addition to the design, it looks like the Giulia will also come with plenty of leather, carbon fiber, and Alcantara trimmings with luxurious contrast stitching, and a high-risen dashboard to give the occupants more of a cockpit-like feel.

Regardless, we’re excited to see what the Giulia is like and we can’t wait.

Source: Alfa Romeo-Il cuore ha sempre ragione Facebook

Chris Chin

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