Report: Jeremy Clarkson records his last ever lap on the Top Gear test track

Jeremy Clarkson’s been preparing for another triumphant yet sad exit as he recently tweeted the fact that he recorded his last ever lap on the Top Gear test track–it is a sad exit for sure.

Not too long ago, he polled his fanbase to ponder the question as to which car should be his last official hoorah on the retired airfield in Surrey. And while he was sacked from the BBC altogether, they didn’t make him suffer by putting him in an Austin Maestro as he anticipated.

Instead, he was given the choice of the new Mercedes-AMG GT, the Ferrari LaFerrari, or the new 488GTB.

And recently, Clarkson just updated his Tiwtter feed to say that he completed the lap, but didn’t say which car he used. He did however proudly announce that he did the most epic “motherfucker of all tail slides through Chicago.”

We can’t wait to see his final lap.

What car would you like to see Clarkson behind the wheel of?

Chris Chin

Chris Chin is the Editor-In-Chief of egmCarTech and is a regular contributor to Automobile Magazine.

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