Report: Sergio Marchionne wants Maserati to be the new Ferrari

A lot has been happening at Fiat-Chrysler Automobiles with Sergio Marchionne at the helm, who can easily take the title as being one of the riskiest CEOs currently in the business.

For instance, in addition to his aggressive plan to make his brands more relevant on a worldly level, other than high-profile marques like Ferrari and Maserati, Marchionne made some rather striking moves, from announcing Ferrari’s first ever IPO, to reintroducing Fiat and Alfa Romeo to the US market.

Now, according to Bloomberg, Marchionne wants to pick up the pace with Maserati by making it into the new Ferrari. This comes after the fact that Ferrari, FCA’s most profitable brand, will be spun-off into a separate company with the help of its IPO.

That said, Marchionne plans to make Maserati their most profitable brand since Ferrari will no longer be providing that. Part of this plan includes offering more models in addition to the current, and recently introduced Ghibli and Quattroporte sedans. So far, we know Maserati plans to reveal the Levante crossover very soon, which is surely going to aid in providing Maserati with better profit margins than they currently get.

Source: Bloomberg

Chris Chin

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