Report: New Jersey State Police might be playing dirty with new “ghost” patrol cars reports that the New Jersey State Police just gained some new wheels in the fleet of interceptors, which they colloquially call “ghost cars.”

As implied by the nickname, these new interceptors are actually new Holden Commodore-based Chevrolet Caprice sedans with honkin’ V8s and all. Though more notably, these new cars have a very controversial livery theme that has some questioning their motive.

As pictured, the new cars are themed with very subtle markings and no physical exterior light bar in an “attempt” to blend in with traffic, similarly to unmarked cars. Though like unmarked cars, those who’ve been anti-abusive law enforcement believe it gives police an unfair advantage, fulfilling the stigma of police preying on motorists for revenue. This is especially an enlightened topic given that police abuse has received a lot of media attention in lieu of racial tie-ups.

“The only new thing here is the graphics,” State Police Capt. Stephen Jones told “We’ve had unmarked cars for years, and it is an effective way to catch that segment of idiot drivers who behave dangerously on the roads until they see a marked car.”

Jones declined to specify how many “ghost cars” are in the fleet, but if the subtle markings aren’t enough, just keep an eye out for Chevrolet Caprices–they’re only sold to police fleets.


Chris Chin

Chris Chin is the Editor-In-Chief of egmCarTech and is a regular contributor to Automobile Magazine.

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