Report: Sons of fallen Colorado Sheriff receive a big surprise at the squad car auction

Thousands of hard-working Americans risk their lives on the daily basis to serve the law and it’s never easy when a loss is sustained.

Unfortunately, that’s the case with Tanner and Chase Brownlee who suffered the loss of their father, Weld County, Colorado Deputy Sam Brownlee. Deputy Brownlee was killed in the line of duty following a police chase in 2010.

As a result, Tanner and Chase were left with very few memories of their father and wanted to grab a hold of Deputy Brownlee’s squad car when it was retired and put up at the local auction block for the “Concerns of Police Survivors” campaign.

The Dodge Charger went on the block this past Wednesday with 147,000 miles on the clock and both Tanner and Chase were hoping to scoop it up for the best price they could muster.

In hopes to build a fund to purchase the Charger, they even started a GoFundMe page and when the auction started, it had accumulated over $3,000 of support. However, both Tanner and Chase didn’t disclose how much they planned to spend.

The auction bidding started first at $2,500, but quickly escalated past the Charger’s Kelly Blue Book value of $12,500. Not too shortly after, the hammer came down at $60,000 for the Charger, which went to Mr. Steve Wells, a local ranger, and sadly, it was a price well out of the Brownlee boys’ spectrum.

But in a crazy and unexpected turn of events, once Mr. Wells received the keys to the Charger, he immediately turned to Tanner, to offer up the charger, leaving everyone speechless.

Faith in humanity restored.

Head on over to ABC’s affiliate Channel 7 WKBW to read the full story.

Source: ABC 7 WKBW

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